Digital Freight Alliance

Connecting freight forwarders around the world and providing the best online web-based tools to enhance the growth of your business.

1024 members
+190 countries
Backed by DP WORLD


DFA provides four core benefits to support association members to get ahead:

Access to other DP World products

Incremental Business Opportunities


Associate your business with a leading enabler of logistics and trade

Web-based tools

Access to a network of freight forwarders with coverage in +190 countries

Our existing members will help you to better understand the market and how to approach your customers with certainty.

Vetted members that go through a stringent KYC (Know Your Customer) process

A stringent Know Your Client process to assure that members are pre-qualified to interact with other members and provide freight forwarding services.

A Rate Management Solution linking to commercial opportunities

Leverage Rate+ to manage your rates internally. Collect leads using our rate calculator widget, and optionally display your rates on a leading freight rates marketplace via SeaRates and to DFA members.

Increase your sales online by using our Customer Account Manager service solution

Your company will be assigned an Account Manager to help promote your services , depending on your needs.

A rate and tariff management system that is the backbone to your business

It gives you a single source of truth and easy and fast way to access to your rates allowing you to search your contract rates as well as those from agents and partners you have subscribed to in a matter of seconds


List your rates to leverage commercial opportunities to your business

Use the platform as a Lead Generator for your business. It turns information that you have like shipping rates, routes, transit time into new business opportunities allowing your customers to get your instant quotes and book 24/7 so that you'll never miss a lead!


Transform your business for tomorrow with digital tools

Financial support through clearing your receivables faster

Our network works with the world's largest and most reliable financial institutions providing security to members throughout the payment process. We provide at least 2 weeks payment deferral making the supply chain uninterrupted and insuring the liability of each of our logistics partners

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