Digital Freight Alliance

Connecting freight forwarders around the world and providing the best online web-based tools to enhance the growth of your business.



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Transformation starts with DF Alliance

Today’s digital world demands we work in an entirely new way. Every business has to collaborate in a secure environment with partners and customers, deliver innovation faster, make services more accessible and less costly. DF Alliance gives you the opportunity to be part of a global network with the potential to become larger than any multinational competitor in the current market.



Finance For Logistics

DF Alliance provides financial aid on the initial fee for the buyer (anchor customer) or seller for the transport of goods. Every shipping transaction can have deferred based off agreed payment terms, and where liability is also insured, and client is protected.


Verified Members

We are building a digital community of verified freight forwarders, that will go through a stringent KYC process in efforts to quality assure the freight forwarding companies that join are certain stature and code of ethics. Through this framework, we provide cargo owners and individual consumers piece of mind that their request for shipping goods will be managed with the highest caliber


Digital Transformation

With 15 years of digital experience in logistics and advanced API technologies, we provide your company with powerful sales tools, such as 24/7 online quotations and a dedicated account manager who provides a constant flow of orders, coupled with real-time tracking and analytics dashboard.

Logistics financial

Financial support & protection

Our network works with the world's largest and most reliable financial institutions providing security to members throughout the payment process. We provide at least 2 weeks payment deferral making the supply chain uninterrupted and insuring the liability of each of our logistics partners.

Community powered rates engine

The alliance provides a relationship between members to support each other in fulfilling rates to cover more trade lanes and facilitate the quote & book workflow processed in the same dashboard with easy interface.

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Logistics financial
Logistics financial

Logistics technologies created by logisticians

Tools allow you to save up to 20% of your team and operational self cost, depending on your company size, helping to get more bookings and reducing time for routine tasks.

Online logistics tools created during long-term cooperation with existing logistics providers in different countries to support in online bookings, multi-tracking, ship-scheduling, stuffing optimization and more.

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Your first transaction

After becoming DFA Member, you will be able to download DFA Member kit, discovering all practical opportunities you can start applying from the day one. You will start getting shipping requests immediately after your membership approval, the sooner you can fix new business.

Submit your application

To apply for membership, you should provide us:

  • - Filled KYC form (download here)

  • - Bank reference on your bank's letterhead (download here or use your own)

  • - Signed Purchase Order (download here)