DFA Codes & Standards

The Digital Freight Alliance fully adheres to these business ethics and standards regarding dealings with other our members

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DFA Code

We take personal pride in what we do.

Our members voluntarily attend conferences and events organized by the Alliance.

We’re committed to complying with all international rules and regulations.

We provide the greatest possible support for the running programs offered by the network.

We’re committed to replying to all sales leads within 12 hours.

We’re committed to providing bona fide sales leads.

We’re committed to working closely together in a friendly family atmosphere respecting each other's culture, religion, and political situation.

Alliance members are committed to responding to all shipping requests within 12 hours.

Our members are committed to paying their membership fees and any other dues linked to Alliance programs or conferences in a timely manner and no later than 30 days after the invoice date.

We support other members of the Alliance as much as possible, and DF Alliance members are committed to contributing to the goals of the network.