Benefits of Using Global Vessel's Schedule for DFA Members

Benefits of Using Global Vessel's Schedule for DFA Members


In the vast and complex world of maritime logistics, having real-time access to accurate shipping schedules is indispensable for both shippers and freight forwarders. The SeaRates' Ship Schedules tool provides a simple-to-use digital solution to keep track of shipping schedules and plan future deliveries. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of the Ship Schedules tool and how it's making a difference for your clients.


What is the Ship Schedules Tool? 

The SeaRates Ship Schedules tool allows users to check sailing schedules by route or by vessel, offering real-time sailing dates from major ocean carriers. The tool provides a platform to plan container bookings or analyze vessel movements and transit times. Users can get accurate data on ports and vessels from around the world with daily updates.

From the user’s perspective, this tool looks as user-friendly and clear as possible. The easiest way to use it is to enter two ports (origin and destination) on a specific page within the website. In this case, you can select additional parameters and apply filters (for example, select only specific shipping lines). An example of a shipping line whose sailing schedules can be tracked using the tool is Hapag Lloyd, providing information about the company's sailing schedules between specific ports. Another way to use it is to search for a specific vessel. To do this, the user needs to enter the vessel name and/or one of the international numbers (IMO or MMSI).



The Benefits of Sailing Schedules Tool for Freight Forwarders

At first glance, the benefits of using the Ship Schedules tool are quite obvious. Freight forwarders can quickly find out the schedule of routes and use this information to provide their services. But you can get even more out of this tool by integrating it into your website. By doing so, you will provide your customers with the following opportunities: 

• Search for all possible options before ordering transportation.

• The ability to find all the necessary information on one website without the need to search for information from the carrier's or other freight forwarders' websites.

• Transparency of all processes from the very beginning of cooperation.


This approach will increase customer confidence and make your service more trustworthy. In addition, the integrated use of all the tools, along with and Container Tracking, will allow you to stay in touch with the customer at all stages of transportation. 


The Ways of Using Ship Schedules Tool

In addition to using the SeaRates website, there are two other ways to get the benefits of the Ship Schedules tool: web integration and an API. Let's take a closer look at each of them. 


Web-Integration for DFA Premium Members

This approach is the easiest and most effective. Premium members of the DFA can place the Ship Schedules widget on their website as a white-label solution. A monthly subscription includes 600 free searches for vessel schedules. The functionality and appearance of the widget will remain the same as on the SeaRates website, but it will run under your brand.

Ready-to-use iFrame code allows DFA members to seamlessly embed the Ship Schedules tool directly into their websites, offering real-time maritime logistics data to their customers. The process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a smooth integration experience. However, if any challenges arise or if there’s a need for further customization, the dedicated SeaRates IT team is always on standby to assist. Should you encounter a Captcha during the integration process, simply proceed by following the instructions to continue.



Ship Schedules API

The API provides real-time data on vessel voyage details, including arrival times, providing insights for better decision-making and data about shipping schedules by routing, port, vessel, or carrier. Designed with flexibility, the API supports the JSON format, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of platforms and applications. Users can search for schedules by specific points such as origin or destination, enhancing routing information and analytics. Moreover, the API Data-on-Demand feature ensures that users can effectively retrieve and process the exact data they need. Whether it’s for enhancing supply chain operations, building logistics platforms, or offering added value to customers, the Ship Schedules API serves as a comprehensive tool for all shipping schedule-related needs.

The Ship Schedules API comes with comprehensive documentation, enabling developers to kickstart their integration swiftly. All essential details about this API are readily available both in the provided documentation and on the SeaRates Developer Portal. Please note that API access is not included in the DFA Premium package. Pricing depends on the request number and usage options. 



The Ship Schedules tool by SeaRates stands as a crucial asset in the freight forwarding business, offering real-time insights into shipping schedules. With its user-centric design, the tool not only streamlines the process for shippers and freight forwarders but also promotes transparency and trustworthiness in services.

With its web integration and API capabilities, the tool is a versatile solution, adaptable to any business needs. If you’re a freight forwarder aiming to enhance the customer experience, the Ship Schedules tool and its accompanying API offer a comprehensive solution to meet all maritime scheduling requirements. Join the DFA daily growing community and get an advantage from this service and other tools and benefits!