Quality Assured Shipping

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Service Reliability

Quality control

    • Stability of the Supply chain
    • Damages or losses from logistical risks
    • On-demand availability of the tonnage
    • Quality of logistics services
    • Support and quality of communication
    • Cargo tracking
    • Ease of shipping
    • Price accuracy
    • Price competitiveness
    • On-time delivery
    • Crediting opportunity
    • Value-added services
  • Member Services

    Member Services

    We guarantee the service of our members on the full sales cycle: before, during and after the purchase of membership. A DFA member can contact us wherever he is comfortable and when he is comfortable.

  • Service & Facilities

    Service & Facilities

    A high level of service and quality of services is the key to long-term cooperation! Continuous improvement of the quality of service and services is one of our most important tasks.

  • High level of professionalism

    High level of professionalism

    A stable source of network growth is the high level of professionalism of the team, which owns universal IT competencies, as well as standards for the provision of services.

  • Work with the best

    Work with the best

    Each DFA member is carefully screened before acceptance into DFA, ensuring that only the best companies offering the highest standards of service are admitted.

  • New opportunities

    New opportunities

    DFA can offer each member unrivalled opportunities to find new partners, attract new businesses and, most importantly, drive increase profits.

  • Logistics at a new level

    Logistics at a new level

    No other network comes close to matching the logistics power and new business opportunities available to our members. You can use all the unique online web-based tools for your business with us.