Efficient Logistics in the Digital Freight Alliance Opportunities of the Closed Members Chat

Efficient Logistics in the Digital Freight Alliance Opportunities of the Closed Members Chat


Networking, common success stories, multiplying partnerships and profits, resource savings, efficient delegation of your supply chain operations, and much more are all obtained through collaboration. The Digital Freight Alliance aimed not just to bring freight forwarders together but to develop a progressive global community whose members can get valuable insights with a couple of clicks at any time.
And now our team is developing in the direction of effective communication between the world's leading logistics providers. That's why we provide our Premium Members with access to the Closed Members' Chat on a mandatory basis.

It's hard to underestimate the merits of such a feature in the logistics industry of today, where you have to receive and share valuable information in a split second. An instant solution for the community of trusted freight forwarders is already presented below for you.


Advantages of Closed Members’ Chat

So, what DFA membership benefits will you take from DFA Premium Membership to networking with the world's most reliable freight forwarders?


A win-win experience

In terms of its impact on the carrier's business life, the experience exchange function is one of the first logistics membership benefits.  Participants in the Closed Members' Chat will be able to choose and strengthen cooperation with other freight forwarders directly without any intermediaries in search of progressive partnerships. What kind of inquiries are you expected to address in our community?
· route optimization strategies available on the market
· improving the efficiency of cargo shipping
· saving resources and expenses
· ways to successfully use IT technologies for logistics
· methods of overcoming and preparing your business for unforeseen circumstances
· effective partnership and additional ways to find it in  the freight forwarding community
· the latest approaches to warehouse management and customs control
· and many other necessary needs


Strengthening cooperation

Within the Digital Freight Alliance, with Closed Members' Chat, your freight partnerships are taken to a new, streamlined level.
There is also another option to find a partner through the Directory:


After successfully passing our KYC (Know Your Customer) processes to verify your reliability and obtaining a DFA Membership, you will have access to the DFA Directory. By adjusting the filter or entering the required email, you can find potential partners based on your requirements within our global community.

Then, in your Inbox, you can manage your communication with your DFA Account Managers and other Members.


Learn more about the opportunities for cooperation through the Directory here.


The more bookings, the more leads

Searching for shipping orders also becomes much easier thanks to the Chat features. Such a closed community is a source of reliable partnerships and the exchange of valuable information that will boost your logistics and trading business.


We remind you that each of our valuable DFA Members is always welcome to consult with our Account Managers. We will be happy to assist in solving any of your business needs.


Promote your offers

The Chat doesn't limit you to just finding tools that can be used by your business. You can also directly establish a brand identity in the global freight forwarding community by announcing and communicating your interesting insights and events. DFA Closed Members' Chat can become your new convenient social network. So, its effectiveness will depend on your involvement, not on chance.


All the benefits of the network

Enhance your daily workflow with access to exclusive shared resources, which you can also request on an individual basis from the freight forwarding partner in whom you are interested.

Updating your business processes should also become an essential need, as it will be easier to react quickly to any logistics processes thanks to receiving urgent logistics news and insights from the industry's leading figures.

In addition, you are always welcome to ask for advice on the technical side of the supply chain and any problems in your freight forwarding operations that require a simple answer here and now from first-hand experience.



We have revealed one of the lead generation strategies that is not quite a standard approach: unlike an unprepared dialog with a shipper, you can turn to the embedding of your partnerships. In this way, your influence is growing, and the audience for your services can already identify you as a strong market competitor.
Reach out to our team at info@df-alliance.com to get an answer to any query you have about developing your logistics business.