The Role of Digital Alliances in Reforming Global Logistics Processes: Digital Freight Alliance Experience

The Role of Digital Alliances in Reforming Global Logistics Processes: Digital Freight Alliance Experience


Global logistics processes, fortunately, can be subject to some regulation, influenced by major market players and impressive single cases. Cross-border communities of digital logistics innovation, such as the Digital Freight Alliance, are the basis for regulation, financial support, standardization, and other impacts in the industry. In this way, the logistics market is becoming more controlled and predictable for freight forwarders who have chosen to innovate and cooperate with reliable parties and communities.
Find out about the nuances of existence and the importance of joining a partnership in the world of digital logistics, as well as the tools you can use to achieve it most profitably.


Functions of digital alliances in modern logistics

For a clearer understanding of the way freight forwarding communities, alliances, and so on work, it is worth highlighting the main functions and objectives of such structures in today's freight market:
• Expanding the trading capabilities of your business. Let's start with the obviously attractive benefit. Opening up service markets should be a clear function of logistics alliances. Indeed, improving the trade operations and expanding the geographical reach of your business are among the main reasons why freight forwarders are attracted to the opportunity to become members of this community. The alliance should provide a wide range of opportunities for carriers to resell their products, promote their freight to a global shipper audience, and much more.

• Market digitalization. Shippers are looking for unique IT solutions, and freight forwarders have to provide complete and innovative offers. Sustained innovation is the essence of alliances, which drives the market towards solving more and more complex problems year after year. The digital transformation of freight services is a daily routine for everyone involved in supply chain processes. For a better logistics experience, each party seeks advanced solutions for gathering, processing, and transmitting critical data on a multitude of requests: from receiving shipment schedules to calculating international freight rates individually.

• Transparency of the supply chain. A clear understanding of delivery quotations or detailed shipment tracking simplifies and visualizes all levels of your business logistics. This way, you are protected from unforeseen disruptions. Transparency also extends to the involvement of other logistics parties. This comprehensive analytics approach allows you to be proactive and make informed decisions for your business. If you have any questions about how to mitigate risks and have unique information about your shipments, feel free to contact the DFA Support team.


Impact of the Digital Freight Alliance on global logistics processes


As you can gather from its capabilities, expertise, and experience in the modern world of digital logistics, the Digital Freight Alliance is focused on optimizing and simplifying the logistics of businesses around the world and improving the efficiency of every level of the global supply chain. Briefly, let's look at the impact of DFA solutions and innovations on various aspects of logistics:
• Providing data in real-time mode. IT tools for logistics, such as Container Tracking, Ship Schedules, and Logistics Explorer, complete the websites of shipping lines and freight forwarders in the form of widgets. Thus, the level of logistics services is growing in line with the digital development trends in the industry.

• The supply chain is also being optimized, and every forwarder can feel it in their daily workflows. Fast and convenient All-in-One analytics provides more opportunities to avoid budgetary expenses, route optimization, transit delays, etc.

• It takes even less time to collaborate with partners and customers to communicate the necessary information. Port authorities, warehouse staff, shippers, carriers, and others; each party in the supply chain receives relevant and accurate information on a personalized basis.

• Improved planning through the capabilities of the forwarding community leads to guaranteed cost optimization and the use of adaptive, innovative tools. The reputation and financial component of your business depend on your adaptability and effective solutions. Avoid overstocks/shortages, miscalculated transportation budgets, delays, inefficient delivery methods, and unreliable contracts.

• Managing risk also goes hand in hand with increasing your competitiveness in the booming logistics market. The flexibility and uniqueness of your business solutions should be the first benefit you offer to attract more and more shippers. With a DFA, you will have the opportunity to enrich your trade and logistics offerings and expand the audience for your already enhanced services.



Planning and decision-making can be complicated by many external and internal processes, which must be handled with help. An integrated approach to improving logistics at the regional and global business levels is a strong trend that cannot be delayed. The global dimension is also part of the vision of the Digital Freight Alliance's service portfolio. So today, you have another opportunity to implement a precise strategy to improve your logistics and trade that will bring results at the level of global freight cooperation.
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