Resell Rates and Expand Your Reach with DFA

Resell Rates and Expand Your Reach with DFA


Carriers, shipping lines, and logistics providers strive to meet the majority of their customers' needs in an effort to expand their audience. Also, companies in their logistics operations need to improve their financial strength by expanding their trading capabilities to implement international shipping rates for shippers worldwide. Through our community, members of the Digital Freight Alliance receive ongoing support and strategies to increase their business impact through the SeaRates marketplace.

In this article, we will explore the role that SeaRates IT solutions for shipping and DFA as partnerships with freight forwarders play in the success of your trade and logistics business.


Reselling freight rates and advertising for DFA Members

Digital Freight Alliance Membership implies the benefits of SeaRates' arsenal of logistics solutions. How does the DFA global freight forwarding community meet the demand for wider coverage of their services and promotion of shipping rates to a larger audience of shippers on popular and unique routes? 

Depending on the Membership Tier, freight forwarders and other logistics providers can utilize DFA's partnership network and the SeaRates freight calculator functionality - the Logistics Explorer tool.


Standard Membership opportunities



Access to the web integration of the Logistics Explorer tool on is one of the benefits of the Standard Tier. By complementing the website with the SeaRates Logistics Explorer widget, shipping lines, freight forwarders, or carriers provide a scope of opportunities for their audience. Shippers find the best freight rates on the market for global destinations by entering their individual transportation needs, cargo uniqueness, and other requirements. After such an advanced search for shipping rates right on your website, the shippers can compare the results and book freight rates instantly through SeaRates' wide functionality.

International shipping rates to any destination are clearly defined by cost. This way, your users can choose the additional services they need, as well as include carbon footprint compensation in the total shipping cost.

Additionally, Standard Tier access to the Members Directory also allows you to find partners with similar membership parameters. Thereby, an integrated logistics network is formed, which facilitates the development of trade relations.


Premium Membership opportunities


With the Premium Tier, freight forwarders use the Logistics Explorer white-label widget, which is a unique tool for their website. In this case, you customize the layout and details such as buttons, and much more to fit your own brand.

The Premium Membership Tier also contributes to the growth of your customer and partner networks. You get full access to shippers' requests from all over the world submitted to This allows you to select customers to complement your shipments on specific routes and interact with a wider audience.

Thereby, freight forwarders who are DFA Premium Members can upload their freight rates to the SeaRates marketplace, thus receiving additional bookings. Thousands of visitors to will see your shipping rates advertised on a daily basis. 

Moreover, as a DFA Premium Member, you are connected to a chat room for quick cooperation with other Premium Members. Thus, finding partners to resell their freight rates or promote yours and arranging joint freight agreements becomes much easier.


These are just some of the benefits of Digital Freight Alliance Membership Packages. To learn about other DFA opportunities, check out " A Closer Look at DFA's Membership Tiers".

To obtain DFA Member status, please contact your personal SeaRates Account Manager or DFA Account Manager for membership upgrades or any further assistance.


Benefits of Reselling Rates and Advertising on SeaRates

Expanding the geography of your services. Cooperation with the DFA freight forwarding community allows you to carry out shipments at the freight rates and destinations of your partners, attracting more shippers. You will be able to develop steadily in many regions of the world through one logistics tool.
• You attract additional ways to finance and improve your trading process by reselling shipping rates and promoting your own through Logistics Explorer to SeaRates' global audience. Stable financial results are also achieved through your commission on the international shipping rates of your partners on your website.
Exclusive data. Both freight forwarders and shippers around the world who request quotes on are looking for safe delivery and real-time supply chain management. This is possible owing to the up-to-date, continuously updated information.
A broad range of logistics options. Offering a choice of transportation options takes you to an advanced level of supply chain management. By integrating the Logistics Explorer into your website or platform, you can provide shippers with quotes for multiple destinations worldwide by different modes of transport and provide additional logistics services in one place.
Infallibility. You get a stable pricing mechanism with a flexible algorithm of changes depending on the cost of shipping rates in the markets. Also, the dynamism of information transfer and delivery will make your workflow smoother.
Increased competitiveness. The above principles of top freight rates and instant shipping bookings via Logistics Explorer make it sustainable for shipping companies, freight forwarders, and others, and primary for shippers. 
Automation of the company's internal processes. The tool's interface is designed for easy collection and transfer of data, resulting in improved communication with your customers. Strategic optimization of a large amount of data in one place allows you to avoid delays in receiving requests or booking shipments.


Final Thoughts

Partnership synergies are valued at the time of deal-making and when achieving superior results from cooperation. Digital Freight Alliance is by your side to assist at any stage of your partnership and business development. You can always turn to the DFA for guidance, to implement your plans, and to reach new markets. 

It would be fitting to conclude our overview with a wish to never give up on your business goals. After all, with DFA, you can find any solution for logistics and trade improvements. It only depends on you to choose the path along which the experienced forwarding community will support and inspire you.


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