September Empowering Freight Forwarders Webinar: Key Takeaways

September Empowering Freight Forwarders Webinar: Key Takeaways


Our recent webinar tackled many of the pressing issues freight forwarders and supply chain managers are facing, with in-depth discussions shedding light on how businesses can effectively navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

Throughout the session, we discussed numerous pivotal issues such as capacity constraints, regulatory requirements, and external factors like fluctuating fuel prices and labour shortages. The depth of these discussions highlighted the pressing need for strategic freight solutions. The goal? To not only address these challenges but to also refine operations and amplify efficiency.

Our member attendees were representatives of the freight forwarding community from across the globe. The interactive session, skilfully moderated by Gyanesh Singh, saw informative insights from our expert panel.



Explore cutting-edge freight solutions: Highlights from the event

Chandrasekaran Parthiban, Product Sales Specialist, offered his tips for members to enhance operational efficiency through CARGOES Flow, the multimodal tracking solution that also provides the ability to calculate carbon emissions for shipments- a trending topic for our attending members.

Mariia Slabenko, Head of DFA, shared her wealth of expertise in Marine and Inland Water Transport (MA), coupled with hands-on experience in the freight forwarding and shipping sector. Guiding discussions and member concerns, she acknowledged the challenges faced by freight forwarding companies and provided key insights into the potential of digital transformation. The innovations that DFA members benefit from such as the digital tools tailored to boost operational efficiency, like the Logistic Explorer and "Ship Now Pay Later" pay-per-use credit facility for bookings, were noteworthy highlights. Attendees were also able to discover the safeguarding benefits of Payment Protection, available to DFA Premium members.

Neel Karunanithi, Group Assistant Manager-Product Sales, provided technical insights for the SeaRates ERP that DFA members can utilise for free to successfully enhance their logistics. Explaining the technical capabilities and the API integration as well as covering the features of the system that are most utilised by DFA members currently, like available quotation formats and the reporting capabilities including trial balance, balance sheet, and ageing analysis.

Throughout the webinar, our attentive panel engaged with a range of insightful queries from attendee members. We ensured comprehensive responses, with provisions for one-on-one follow-ups proactively arranged via our webinar chat function.

The successful event, the first of many more for DFA, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to elevating the freight forwarding industry and our members, equipping all professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to stay ahead in this competitive landscape. Members were able to connect, and many look forward to joining the DFA team in November for the Global Freight Summit 2023 in Dubai.