Global Freight Summit: A Glimpse of What's Ahead

Global Freight Summit: A Glimpse of What's Ahead


Insights from the Upcoming Global Freight Summit

This November, the buzzword among global logistics professionals is the  Global Freight Summit 2023, scheduled for November 15-17 at the iconic Coca-Cola arena in Dubai. “CREATING TOMORROW'S SUPPLY CHAIN TODAY” is set to be the guiding theme this year.

With the Global Freight Summit 2022 fresh in our memories, the DFA team looks forward to this year’s event, which provides a platform for global collaboration, innovation, and dialogue on the future of freight forwarding. The future supply chain will be a key focus, emphasizing the latest trends, innovations, and challenges shaping the global freight landscape.


What to expect at the Global Freight Summit 2023?

For those who missed GFS22, the Global Freight Summit for freight forwarders is a collaborative gathering of the best minds in the transport, logistics, and supply chain sectors, focusing on the flow of global trade. The event provided exciting benefits such as:

Engaging Panel Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking conversations with thought-leaders from across the international shipping industry, offering a bird’s eye view of where the sector is heading. This includes discussions on the impact of technology and innovation on supply chains.

Network with Global Delegates: Rub shoulders with representatives from over 155+ countries, developing invaluable connections and partnerships. These connections are crucial for navigating future supply chain challenges.

Trending Freight Topic Workshops: Dive into the details in a range of workshops, navigating the newest challenges and technological advancements in freight shipping.

Innovative Solutions & Startup Showcases: Experience first-hand the latest industry disruptors and smart solutions.




DFA's Participation in the Global Freight Summit

Our past experiences have proven the freight summit to be insightful and collaborative. Last year’s Summit in 2022 clearly demonstrated how live conversations can build trust, spark innovation, and encourage teamwork. We’re looking forward once again to a productive, transformative atmosphere. DP World, a global leader in supply chain solutions, will also be a significant presence at the event.

Our sales leads, account managers, and pricing experts, are registered to participate, learn, and contribute to the summit’s grand vision: CREATING TOMORROW’S SUPPLY CHAIN TODAY. With logistics and supply chain dynamics constantly shifting, DFA believes in coming together, sharing experiences, and co-creating solutions to collective supply chain challenges. This year’s theme, 'Making the Future Supply Chain a Reality,' brings together industry leaders to explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges.

As Mariia Slabenko, DFA Team Lead, aptly summed up post the 2022 freight summit. “..being present and engaged in face-to-face interactions unlocks unparalleled insights and opportunities for growth.”

The event will also focus on making the supply chain a reality by addressing the challenges faced by the logistics sector and the role of technology in creating resilient supply chains. Our global reach allows us to connect with partners and customers around the world, ensuring comprehensive service coverage.


The DFA team is excited to once again be part of the innovations and initiatives at the Global Freight Summit 2023. Our ultimate aim? To co-create the supply chain of tomorrow, today. See you in Dubai this November! 


Stay tuned for the Global Freight Summit 2024. To signup, please click here!