A Closer Look at DFA's Freight Forwarder Membership

A Closer Look at DFA's Freight Forwarder Membership


What is DFA? 

The Digital Freight Alliance (DFA) serves as a hub for freight forwarders worldwide. It offers a unique opportunity to connect and use numerous web-based resources designed to drive the growth of their businesses. Unlike traditional freight forwarding networks, the DFA is part of a broader vision dedicated to catalyzing digital transformation among its members. At the heart of this transformation lies a commitment to providing cutting-edge online tools and seamless access to a dynamic and customizable cargo booking platform.

Launched by DP World in 2020, the Digital Freight Alliance has swiftly evolved into an innovative online freight forwarder network with a global reach. With over 6,000 active users and a presence in more than 190 countries, DFA empowers freight forwarders with an extensive suite of online tools, granting them access to a diverse array of shipping routes. It offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at simplifying their business operations. By collaborating with numerous shippers through platforms such as SeaRates, LandRates, and AirRates, DFA provides its members with unprecedented opportunities in the realm of logistics and freight forwarding.


Membership Tiers Features and Differences 

Within the DFA, members have the freedom to choose between two membership packages: Standard and Premium. The Standard membership, available for free, provides access to essential services, offering a solid foundation for those looking to explore the DFA network.

Meanwhile, the Premium membership goes above and beyond, offering an extensive array of advanced services and tools tailored to elevate business operations to new heights. Let's dive deeper into a detailed review of these two membership options to help you make an informed choice that aligns with your goals and requirements.


What Does the Standard Package Have to Offer?

The Standard Package is available to all Digital Freight Alliance members after free registration and verification by the Account Manager. It may serve as an excellent starting point for all freight forwarders desiring to explore the benefits of the DFA global freight forwarder network and its basic features. This free membership option includes several options designed to create new connections and enhance the visibility of your business within the logistics community. 

Logistics Explorer: The Standard Package provides access to the web-integrated version of the SeaRates Logistics Explorer tool. Give your customers the opportunity to compare and book the quotes provided by you and your partners. Also, it will be possible for them to fill out the Quick Request form if needed. Search for available quotes and use them to expand your possibilities and solve the individual requests of your customers. Integrated into your website or used directly on SeaRates, this tool serves as a valuable resource for expanding your reach and finding new business prospects. It can be integrated into your website with SeaRates branding. 

Access to the Members Directory: Standard Package members are included in the DFA's Members Directory, offering increased visibility and credibility within the network. Using the Standard package, you will see only users with a similar membership option. We're excited to introduce a recent upgrade to the Directory, enabling email domain-based search among DFA members 

Events and Conferences: Standard Package members gain access to the regular DFA events, including monthly member meetings and annual offline gatherings. These opportunities allow you to stay updated on industry trends, expand your partner network, and explore collaborations that can drive your business forward.

Certificate and Badge: Place DFA verification proof in your signature or on your website. It will present you as a trusted member of the community. 

All these features will be available immediately after the simple KYC procedure.


The Benefits of Premium Package 

While the Standard Package offers essential features to start your collaboration within DFA, it's important to note that businesses with more advanced needs or those seeking a broader range of tools and services may consider upgrading to the Premium Package for an even more comprehensive experience.

You can switch from Standard to Premium at any time, even immediately after registration. The paid package significantly expands your business opportunities. After the advanced KYC procedure, you will have access to such features as: 

Access to Shippers' Requests: Premium members gain exclusive access to the platform, where they can view and respond to shippers' requests. This feature allows them to actively engage with potential clients and secure new business opportunities, further expanding their reach and client base.

Premium Member Chat: The Premium Membership includes a dedicated chat feature that facilitates direct communication among premium members. It streamlines collaboration, making it easier to negotiate deals, discuss logistics operations, and share important information with other freight forwarders.

24/7 Account Manager: Premium members can rely on personalized support with a 24/7 account manager. This dedicated professional assists in navigating the DFA platform, addressing inquiries, and providing guidance to ensure a seamless and productive experience.

Premium Certificate and Badge: Premium members are recognized with a Premium Certificate and Badge. 

White-Label Use of Logistic Explorer: Premium members have the privilege of white-labeling the Logistic Explorer tool. This means they can customize and brand this essential tool with the company's identity, creating and promoting their own rates and creating a unique user experience for their clients.

Ship Schedules Web integration: Place the Ship Schedule widget on your website to provide your customers with advanced logistics services. It’s a great tool for transportation planning, and Premium users get 600 free searches monthly.

Container Tracking Web integration: Tracking is the most demanded feature among customers since it makes your service transparent and trustworthy. Place the ready-made tool made by SeaRates and keep your customers informed and calm. 300 containers may be tracked monthly within the Premium package. 

Integration and Customization of Widgets: Premium members have the flexibility to integrate SeaRates widgets, such as Container Tracking, Logistics Explorer, and Ship Schedule, into their platforms and systems. This customization option allows them to define how these widgets look like, it is possible to change the layout, button colors, and names. You can add customized widget to your website using generated code. 

Internal marketing: Premium members have the opportunity to showcase their company's expertise and achievements. Premium users are eligible for one article each on the DFA and SeaRates blogs. Since the article is promoted, on both websites and social networks, it enhances their visibility within the community and positions them as a reliable partner in logistics, attracting new clients and business connections.

Payment Protection: DFA members are automatically covered by best-in-class credit risk insurance. The insurance starts at $10,000 and goes up to  $100,000 per year. This protection ensures that premium participants can conduct their business with peace of mind, knowing that their transactions with other premium members are guaranteed, offering safeguards against non-payment. It specifically covers ocean freight invoices related to the offices and cities listed in the DFA Directory. To learn more about the DFA Payment Protection and the DFA Protection Plan, please visit the DFA Payment Protection page.



These and many other premium features collectively empower members to take full advantage of the DFA platform, enabling them to expand their business, strengthen collaborations, and establish themselves as prominent players in the global freight forwarding community.


Welcome to DFA!

In conclusion, we warmly welcome all new members of the Digital Freight Alliance. We are thrilled to have you as part of our global network, and we look forward to witnessing your businesses expand and thrive in the dynamic world of logistics and freight forwarding. With the useful tools, resources, and support available through your chosen membership tier, we are confident that your journey will be marked by growth, collaboration, and success. Join the fastest-growing freight forwarding community by choosing your membership package here. Welcome, and may your business reach new heights within the DFA community