Navigating Global Waters: LSC Freights & Logistics  LLC's Journey with SeaRates and Alliance

Navigating Global Waters: LSC Freights & Logistics LLC's Journey with SeaRates and Alliance



Greetings to our esteemed readers! In this exclusive feature, LSC Freights & Logistics LLC, a proud member of DF-Alliance, is set to unravel the intricate tapestry of its partnership with SeaRates and DF-Alliance. This is more than just a glimpse into their journey; it's an invitation for you to explore the world of logistics through the eyes of a distinguished DFA member. 


LSC Freights: Innovating Global Logistics

LSC Freights & Logistics LLC stands as a beacon in the freight forwarding and global logistics landscape. Navigating the complex web of international freight shipments, LSC ensures timely deliveries and provides innovative solutions to a myriad of logistics challenges.


Innovative Solutions, Seamless Logistics:

What sets LSC apart is its commitment to understanding the unique needs of businesses, ensuring productivity at all times. Acting as a single-source transportation provider, LSC goes beyond conventional logistics management. Their capabilities range from niche transportation solutions to ad-hoc services, offering a personalized touch to each customer's requirements.


Global Connectivity, Local Expertise

With a foresighted approach, LSC Freights has embraced global trends by establishing partnerships and outsourcing vendors. This strategic move enables them to deliver a comprehensive suite of services at economical costs. From multimodal transportation (Air, Ground, Ocean) to warehousing, LSC ensures single-source control, coupled with unmatched customer service recognized as the most responsive in the business.


End-to-End Logistics Excellence

LSC's extensive network of agents/partners forms a smart and cohesive corporation—SWIFT. This allows them to offer end-to-end export/import services under one roof, eliminating the need for customers to liaise with multiple agencies. Their comprehensive services include Ocean and Air Freight Management, Transportation Management, Customs Clearance, Consolidation/Distribution, 
Supply Chain Management, Warehousing Management, SOC/NVOCC, and Project Handling.


Elevate Your Logistics Success with LSC Freights & Logistics LLC: Your Gateway to 
Seamless Solutions

As you embark on your own logistics journey, consider partnering with LSC Freights & Logistics LLC for unparalleled expertise and seamless solutions. Connect with them today to explore how their innovative technologies and global logistics prowess can elevate your business.



Contact Details:

Mr. Harvinder Singh - Managing Director
Mobile: +971 55 366 5495


Mr. Nishant Sharma - General Manager
Mobile: +971 58 646 3454


Mr. Surjeet Singh – Vice President – Sales
Mobile: +971 56 881 2161


Mr. Rahul Sreedharan – Sales Manager
Mobile: +971 56 600 8557


Mr. Biju Thomas – Senior Sales Manager
Mobile: +971 50 847 6018


Mr. Rahul Vazirani – Transportation Manager
Mobile: 50 864 6393


Mr. Laxmikant Kotla – Operations Head
Mobile: +971 54 706 8696


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