How Logistics Explorer Can Find More Shipping Leads

How Logistics Explorer Can Find More Shipping Leads


What is the Logistics Explorer tool?

Logistics Explorer  is a tool offered by SeaRates designed to enhance the logistics experience by making it faster, more responsive, and more efficient. It serves as an advanced shipping lead generation tool for freight agents and freight brokers, offering features such as an instant payment module and convenient booking capabilities. If shippers seek information outside the provided data, they can fill out the Quick Request form for a personalized quotation, ensuring businesses never miss a lead.

DFA members can integrate chat with Logistics Explorer to offer prompt and accurate service to your customers, addressing their queries in real time. The tool also provides opportunities for freight forwarders to expand their sales geography by opting in their freight rates for other members to utilize, promoting growth in new markets. Overall, Logistics Explorer aims to streamline the shipping and logistics process for both freight forwarders and shippers.


How does it work? 

Logistics Explorer operates as a digital tool designed to simplify and optimize the shipping and logistics processes for all sides of the business. Users can effortlessly input all their shipment details, and the service then presents a comparative view of all available freight rates, along with the carriers providing the service on multiple routes. This approach allows users to make informed decisions, book their preferred logistics service, and complete the payment process seamlessly.

The tool isn’t just tailored for shippers; it functions similarly for freight forwarders, carriers, and freight brokerages, providing them with a unified space to offer their services and manage their operations. Freight brokerage firms can also benefit by using external lead lists and market intelligence tools to expand their client base and increase efficiency. In essence, Logistics Explorer embodies the perfect scenario in today’s freight industry, where efficiency, transparency, and user-centricity converge to deliver an unparalleled shipping experience.



The benefits of Logistics Explorer 

As a quote-searching tool, Logistics Explorer offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance the shipping and logistics process, enhance customer interaction, and provide businesses with growth opportunities in the global market. It provides the following benefits:

Best Freight Rates. Customers can obtain instant quotes and book services at any time, ensuring businesses are always available to meet their needs. Even if some information is missing or customers require additional services, the quick request option enables them to reach out, ensuring businesses never miss a potential lead.

Sales Geography Expanding. Businesses can opt-in their shipping rates, allowing partner networks to advertise and resell them, further expanding their market presence. Also, they can promote partner’s rates, adding their commission.

Market Transparency. All logistics offers are available for users, and they can compare and make choices based on prices, terms, and other criteria. 

Efficient communication. After integrating the Logistic Explorer into the website, businesses can interact with customers in real-time, addressing their queries faster than traditional communication methods like email or phone.



Web-Integrated version of Logistics Explorer for Shipping

By integrating Logistics Explorer into their websites, third party logistics providers such as freight forwarders, freight brokers, and motor carriers are not only enhancing their operational efficiency but also elevating the overall customer experience, making it a vital asset in today’s dynamic shipping landscape.


How Freight Forwarders Can Use the Logistics Explorer 

Premium members of DFA can integrate the Logistics Explorer tool into their website as a white-label solution. In this case, motor carriers, including transportation professionals, business owners, sales representatives, and account executives, will be able to customize the layout, add their branding, and take control of the displayed rates. DFA members can add their most popular and predictable routes and rates using Virtual Office, and they will become available for booking immediately. Another way is to provide the pricing department of SeaRates with a table containing all your freight rates.


How Third Party Logistics Providers Can Use the Logistics Explorer

LTL shippers can use Logistics Explorer as a handy tool for discovering new shippers and obtaining quality shipping leads in the less than truckload (LTL) sector. They need only pick ports of origin and destination to get and compare all available offers. If they can’t find the desired quote or have some special requirements, complex requests may be submitted via the Quick Form. Also, Logistics Explorer includes online chat with SeaRates support, which is much faster than traditional communication channels. After making a decision, customers can instantly book a quote and pay for it using a credit card or invoice. During the transportation, the cargo may be monitored by the Container Tracking tool



The Logistics Explorer tool, designed by SeaRates, is a transformative digital tool created to revolutionize the international freight shipping industry. It combines efficiency, responsiveness, and user-friendliness, offering transportation professionals, including freight forwarders and shippers, an optimized logistics experience across the entire supply chain. Premium members of DFA can further personalize this tool, integrating it as a white-label solution on their websites. For customers, its clear design and multifaceted features, from online chats to instant payments, make it an excellent solution for all their shipping needs. Join the DFA to get this unique solution for your business, along with other membership benefits!