Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Summary: Barcelona Conference 2024

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Summary: Barcelona Conference 2024


The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium 2024 held a three-day event from June 10-12 in Barcelona, Spain. People from all over the world who are experts in logistics and shipping were there. The conference was important because it gave people a chance to learn from experts and find new ways to trade in a changing market.

The SeaRates and Digital Freight Alliance team got to go to the big conference events and some private events too. We learned a lot of new and important information directly from the sources.


Conference insights

The symposium took place in a big and impressive building called the International Barcelona Convention Center. It could hold over 1,600 people for three days. Every day, our team was really impressed by the helpful and effective program. We really liked the feel of the place and learned a lot about what people need and buy from those who decide what products are available worldwide. 

The topic of new technology in shipping, logistics, and supply chain processes was discussed by over 1,600 people. We now have better plans and understand how to use technology to improve our work. We also found ways to make things better for each of us.

The conference was mainly for businesses and manufacturers from around the world. They wanted to find ways to use digital technology to make their warehouses and processes better. They were interested in modern ways of doing logistics and strategies to make their warehouses better.

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium 2024 is a key event for the supply chain industry in the region. It brings together professionals to talk, make deals, and solve problems so they can make good decisions.

At the meeting, SeaRates and Digital Freight Alliance teams shared new ideas and technologies for managing the movement of goods. This included how they handle storing goods, which is something they do every day to help companies worldwide. We help big businesses trade better by offering great shipping and money solutions. This teamwork helps companies all over the world to come together and expand on the internet.

Mike Bhaskaran, Chief Operations Officer at DP World, as a speaker at the Symposium, shared a valuable report on "DP World: Technology to Transform Supply Chains", which included examples and explanations of how new technologies can make supply chains better and bring big benefits. It is the only certain way for all businesses, no matter their size or industry, to adjust to today's changing trading world.


Photos by Mariia Slabenko, Head of DFA, and Liliia Penu and Kate Borkut, Account Managers, at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium in Barcelona in June 2024.


Additionally, Mariia Slabenko and Liliia Penu talked about what they thought of the conference speeches and program on LinkedIn. You can read their posts by clicking on their names. Find out about the experiences of the SeaRates and Digital Freight Alliance teams in the new supply chain world.


Final thoughts: Future perspectives

The main reason for this year's event was to find better ways to improve the supply chain and make processes more efficient. Our experts want to work together more to create new ideas and make things easier for everyone. The meeting was really helpful in showing how we can make supply chains better using new technology. We talked about this with a small group of people who come up with new ideas.

We want to say thank you to the Gartner Conferences community for all the helpful events and activities. Each member of the SeaRates and Digital Freight Alliance teams appreciates it.

With a presence in over one million users worldwide, the SeaRates platform is a popular choice, and the DFA digital freight forwarding group has an impressive 7,000 members. We love helping all types of companies improve their supply chain by using innovative processes and technology. We are dedicated to making shipping and trade business easier and better. Come and learn new ways to solve problems with us.

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