Freight Forwarding Partnership Insights: How to Enrich Your Website with Additional Shipping Rates

Freight Forwarding Partnership Insights: How to Enrich Your Website with Additional Shipping Rates


Imagine you are a freight forwarder from Spain who handles shipping requests to Shanghai, China, from shippers in Alicante. As such, for shipments from Spain to China, you need to find favorable freight rates for container shipments from Chinese shipping lines. Significant savings are possible if you choose a partner from the Digital Freight Alliance network in China who has already added their own freight rates. Subscribe to his tariffs and resell them to your shippers. Let’s make it clear.
Now you are at point ‘A’, where your shipping will cost many times more because you are upon FOB (Free-On-Board) terms from your local shipping company.
How do you get to point ‘B’, where you find a partner and resell their rates? And most importantly, why do you need to do this? Let's take these questions one by one.


How to resell other Premium Members & SeaRates shipping rates on your website?


Step 1. Find your partner

Through your Virtual Office, you can go straight to the 'Network' tab and 'All Premium Members' button. Here, as a Premium Member, you will find a complete list of Digital Freight Alliance freight forwarders available around the world. You can search by name, company, country, services, etc. Also, here you can see who is subscribed to your shipping rates and manage the list of partners you are subscribed to. 


Step 2. Subscription to tariffs

There is a 'Subscribe' option, next to the button for accessing the Closed Members Chat. This means you can subscribe to synchronize all international shipping rates added by the selected freight forwarding company. Select several for a multiple subscription and access to more freight rates from your partners.



Step 3. Receive and manage shipping rates

What does subscribing to your partners' rates mean for your business? When you subscribe, you automatically receive freight rates from these freight forwarders on your integrated SeaRates Logistics Explorer tool

Previously, you were limited to your own freight rates for the specified destinations. And now, the major benefits are the ability to sell these additional rates with your commission and a wider coverage of your services.


4 Step. Provide instant booking freight rates directly on your website



With the web-integrated version of the Logistics Explorer tool and the DFA Membership option for reselling partner rates, your customers can do the following:

- get a transparent freight calculation in a few seconds by specifying their requirements;
- compare the best shipping costs in the market this day for different requests, and, as a result, choose the most convenient way of delivery;
- instantly book freight rates, guaranteeing cooperation with you;
- do all of the above on your website through a single tool, without the need for any additional searching on other sources.
Moreover, you can add your commission to partners' freight rates, which will be offered to your visitors as your own.



Apparent profit of reselling freight rates from your partner

Your place in the market is already at the top. You are offering new freight services at favorable, transparent tariffs that were not previously available but have always been in demand among shippers worldwide. 

In this way, offering additional shipping options makes the sales of your services increase. Keep your current customers loyal and encourage new ones to come.
You also strengthen your partnership opportunities within the global forwarding community. Such an international industry partnership guarantees your business will benefit from joint opportunities. Thus, through the DFA network, your business takes on a massive scale, gaining methods of efficient logistics and trade.
Furthermore, you can either subscribe to all or customize your subscription and choose a specific type of logistics service you will handle on your website through the Logistics Explorer.

Explore your Dashboard, try out this partnership opportunity, and feel free to get in touch with us via this 'Contact Us' form to clarify any details.
Let's consider the opposite scenario. Why is it in your interest to resell your freight rates?


How does reselling your shipping rates benefit your business?

This is another opportunity to expand the geography of your sales and reach a larger audience across new regions. Other freight forwarding partners, who are Digital Freight Alliance Premium Members, can subscribe to the shipping rates you added earlier. You will get notifications about it to  reach out to your new subscribers. Read here how to add your own freight rates to the SeaRates marketplace and start a dynamic lead generation process.
By sharing your rates with other Premium Members to use for their customers, you already gain a new audience.
This way, your partners will be able to resell your freight rates, and you will receive more bookings for the shipments carried out under your tariffs.

End Notes

Our team is delighted to improve and create new opportunities for our community Members to ensure that you are satisfied with your business growing and scaling.
In this article, we've explained one of the ways the partnership in the Digital Freight Alliance is going and the benefits your company gets. For further insights, we invite you to follow the DFA Blog to find new, meaningful information in our stories and monthly updates.
You are always welcome to contact our team at for any assistance with your logistics and trade operations.