Discover the Possibilities of Dashboard: Advanced Management for DFA Members

Discover the Possibilities of Dashboard: Advanced Management for DFA Members


For easy navigation across the international freight forwarding community, the Digital Freight Alliance provides each member access to his DFA Dashboard. Such a Dashboard (innovative Information Panel) gives you, as a user, access to many opportunities and features in one place. Let's start our detailed review of the Dashboard's comprehensive functionality.


Where can I find the DFA Dashboard?

Let's start with how to get to the Dashboard.
The Digital Freight Alliance network is based on the products and applications of the SeaRates freight marketplace. It opens up new horizons of cooperation for freight forwarders from all over the world.
Each of the DFA Members interacts with shipping requests from shippers from all over the world. This makes logistics possible with a couple of clicks for each party. How can you easily manage direct sales with shippers and partner with reliable freight forwarders?
This is where we go to your Virtual Office (as you log in), where you get to the main DFA Dashboard page.
From now on, you can start operating Dashboard.


How does the DFA Dashboard work?

When you access your DFA Dashboard, you can navigate through the tabs of your Virtual Office and see all your activity. For example, look at the overview of bookings and find the location of active bookings for a certain period:


Below the map, there is an infographic you can categorize to look for shipping requests from leads for sea, land, or air shipments. Click the ‘More info’ button to continue dealing with the base of shippers’ requests around the world.

Furthermore, you'll find your DFA account statistics, as well as the option to get ‘ More info’ about this one.

Going to your Profile tab, we are opening a wide range of features used daily. On the left side, you can see tabs with information about new and active bookings, documentation, financing programs, your subscribers, Inbox, and more.

However, you can edit your private and contact information right in that tab.



Clicking on your ‘Network’ tab, you will go deeply into DFA networking as a participant. Even the list of your subscribers among world freight forwarders is available to you. Find them by country, name, or any other specific information you’re required, and strengthen your partnership in the modern-day logistics market.


‘Who are my subscribers?’

Your subscribers are freight forwarders from the DFA membership and have found your rates favorable. In turn, you can subscribe to them to receive rates and promote them on your platform with your commission. When you subscribe to their or any other freight rates, your platform will be fulfilled with tariffs for various destinations that extend your shipping service geography. A high number of subscribers rush your freight rates to be promoted and viewed on the Logistics Explorer tool, a web version on In the Digital Freight Alliance, you will find many reliable ways to expand your trading and logistics impact internationally.

Moreover, if you’re curious about the comprehensive functionality of your Virtual Office, please contact us here or follow our next article on the DFA Blog.


Supply chain management and risk mitigation with a couple of clicks

It's about reducing your focus and resources on ineffective business development tactics and identifying the best ones. That's why your DFA Dashboard immediately displays statistics that you need to monitor and analyze. Your trading processes will not be able to collapse or get out of control if a keen eye is also on top of it all. Timely measures to prevent financial losses, full access to the logistics platform with IT solutions, and comprehensive monitoring are already at your fingertips.


Improved communication and support

Through your personal Inbox, you have access to communicate with your subscribers, partners, freight forwarders with DFA memberships, and so on. Any hour of the day can bring substantial profit and growth to your trading strategy if you use it correctly. Part of this approach is direct communication with the reliable logistics parties that the DFA community brings together. In addition, any technical issue or question can be easily resolved through Inbox with your personal Account Manager.


Visualization of statistics

Such key details as organizing your subscribers among other freight forwarders, infographics, and collected data on shipping leads across the continents, your bookings, and much more create a holistic picture of the status of your logistics and trade business.


Easy access to any data

You only need to log in to the platform on your laptop or phone, wherever you are. Have an urgent need to check booking statuses or want to get instant analytics? Feel free to use the DFA Dashboard as a valuable Digital Freight Alliance Member.


To conclude

Our team is dedicated to making your business management easier as well as the entire digital logistics market, which is already filled with optimization solutions from SeaRates marketplace. The DFA Member status provides additional benefits for partnerships in this area. Learn more about the benefits of DFA Membership Tiers here.
Join the Digital Freight Alliance, carry out logistics and trade, save all the resources possible, and get access to important benefits.
Contact us at if you have any preferences in developing and scaling your business profit.