Collaboration and Connectivity: DFA's Freight Forwarders List

Collaboration and Connectivity: DFA's Freight Forwarders List


Digital Freight Alliance, the worldwide platform for freight forwarders, provides numerous benefits to its users. Among these, one of the most valuable features is the DFA Member Directory. This article explores the vast functionalities of DFA's Member Directory, showcasing its features and detailing how to maximize its potential as a valuable asset.


What is a DFA’s Freight Forwarders Directory?

The Directory is a central information hub that's easily accessible from any section of the website. You can always find a link to it in the site's header. The Directory page contains an array of useful data, including your certificate, badge, and, most importantly, a detailed list of freight forwarders registered at DFA. The Directory opens the doors to valuable business contacts and networking opportunities, making it a must-visit page for any DFA user looking to expand their professional network.

The Member Directory provides an organized and user-friendly interface for users to search for and connect with other members, whether they're in the same region or across the globe. It serves as a virtual hub for individuals involved in the logistics and international freight forwarding industries, allowing them to expand their network easily, establish business relationships, and explore potential collaborations.


How to Use Directory

The Directory is designed to be as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. When you go to the page, you will see basic information about your company, as well as a badge and certificate. By placing it on your website, you can increase the credibility of your logistics company as well, since all DFA members undergo KYC procedures. One more thing you can get here is the Members Kit. It contains detailed descriptions of the Directory itself and other Digital Freight Alliance features.

Scrolling down, you’ll find a list of registered freight forwarders. Since our network already has more than 6,000 users, we recommend using a filter. If you know exactly the company name, contact person, or email domain, you can instantly find the information you need.



Using filters

One of the key features of DFA's Member Directory is its advanced filtering options. Users can tailor their searches according to specific criteria, making it easier to connect with the right people. These filters allow you to sort through the freight forwarder list based on location, expertise, and status. Here are the possible options:

Filtering by location.  Pick the country first, and then choose one of the available cities. Only cities with registered DFA members are displayed. Enter the global market of international cargo services by finding partners in any region. 

Filtering by status. Choose whether the Directory should show all members or only premium members who have passed the advanced KYC procedure. 

Filtering by provided services. Find freight forwarders that can provide the services you need. For example, you can find companies that focus on air transportation, RoRo shipping, warehousing, and many other services. Create your own networks with a full range of services and mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Whether you're looking for a freight forwarder in a particular region or seeking a professional with a specific skill set, these filters help you narrow down your options swiftly.


Benefits for Free and Premium Users

For those using DFA's free membership, the freight forwarders Directory is a valuable resource to start with. It allows you to browse through the profiles of other members and initiate contact with them. This accessibility to a global network of logistics professionals can be a game-changer for your business, opening up new opportunities and expanding your reach in the industry. In addition, when a new member joins the Digital Freight Alliance, other users are notified. This can be a great advertisement for your company, since afterward, everyone who is interested in cooperation will be able to contact you through the Directory. 

Premium members enjoy an additional advantage when it comes to the Member Directory – exclusivity. Their profiles are visible only to other premium users. This feature enhances privacy and ensures that your profile is seen by a select audience of dedicated and reliable professionals. Joining Premium Membership is a valuable investment if you aspire to build meaningful relationships with influential people in the industry.



In conclusion, DFA's Member Directory is a pivotal feature of the platform, fostering collaboration and connectivity among international freight forwarders on a global scale. Its intuitive design and powerful filtering options make it a practical tool for users to find the right business contacts. Freight Forwarders Directory's benefits will elevate your experience with Digital Freight Alliance, regardless of whether you use a standard or premium plan.


Take advantage of the opportunity to utilize this powerful resource and take your logistics business to new heights. Join DFA today and start exploring the possibilities of the Directory.