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All Members receive 2 unique tools by default as a white-label solution for their websites. These are Logistics Explorer and Tracking System. Also, you can separately install other online web-based tools for your business.


Logistics Explorer

This is the most powerful freight calculation tool created in the industry. Now you can quote your rates to thousands of customers at any time and get online bookings for FCL, LCL, Air, Road, Rail transport, and more.

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Tracking System

A unique tool that was created with the aim of tracking cargo without the need to visit multiple sites of various carriers. The system works with more than 20 shipping lines, including all global lines.

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Other tools


Ship Schedules

(itinerary planning)


Cargo Wizard

(paperwork automation)


Distances & Time



Load Calculator

(stuffing optimization)


Route Planner

(tracking detalisation)


Cargo Runner


Digitalize your business with the Digital Freight Alliance. Integrate the best online web-based tools into your platform and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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