Transport and Logistics Indonesia 2024: Jakarta Conference Summary

Transport and Logistics Indonesia 2024: Jakarta Conference Summary


Transport and Logistics Indonesia 2024 hosted a three-day event from May 15-17 in Jakarta, Indonesia, attended by global freight forwarders and experts in the logistics industry. The conference provided a crucial platform for participants to explore expert insights and discover new trading opportunities in an evolving landscape.

The Digital Freight Alliance team had the opportunity to attend the main events of the conference as well as behind-the-scenes events, where we received interesting insights and forecasts firsthand.

Conference insights

The main events of the conference were held at the JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, which was able to accommodate hundreds of visitors for three days. Each day, our team was impressed by the informative and productive agenda. We are delighted by the atmosphere, and here we discovered many market trends from those who directly determine the market, prices, and needs of the global freight forwarding market.


Source: JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta


Participants discussed and navigated the impact of extreme weather and other factors on conventional trade routes, gaining insight into strategies to address challenges and identify opportunities for each of us. The main topics of this year's conference were IT approaches, smart-tech shipping, freight forwarding in line with modern ways of digital logistics, and warehousing improvement strategies worldwide. 

Transport and Logistics Indonesia 2024 served as a central meeting point for the region in the freight forwarding industry, enabling professionals to engage with key voices, negotiate deals, and address contentious issues for informed decision-making.


At the conference, the Digital Freight Alliance team presented innovative approaches as part of daily tricks and necessities for companies worldwide. We help make trade between big companies better and provide good logistics and financing solutions. This teamwork helps businesses all over the world connect and grow in the digital age.