Structural Quotes Solution for Enhanced Freight Forwarding

Structural Quotes Solution for Enhanced Freight Forwarding


To simplify and ensure transparency of logistics quotes, we at the SeaRates/Digital Freight Alliance team have launched a full-fledged solution for creating individual structured quote offers for the transportation of any cargo type, mode of transport, route, and other characteristics of the shipment. Get a practical guide on how to use the Structural Quotes for your logistics and trading operations.

How does it work?

A proven user of a SeaRates global logistics marketplace with a Shipper type account should fill out the Request a Quote form with detailed specifications of the necessary shipment requirements. Then, the favorable freight market proposition came from real carriers. Let’s discover this path closer.



Each of the shippers' requests can be found in All Shipping Leads and the Logistics Map tool

Starting with the All Shipping Leads - SeaRates database of streamline organized active shippers’ requests

The All Shipping Leads page is placed on the top menu in the ‘Services’ section. There is a list of all valid requests for quotations. For each one, users can check request details and see the available freight rates going to the Logistics Explorer tool via the ‘View rates’ button.




Then the ‘Quote’ button, moving to the SeaRates Vendors landing page to familiarize them with Vendors’ possibilities of rate promotion, structural quoting, logistics management, finance reliability, and more. 



The same real requests for shipping quotations you will see in the Logistics Map tool but in accordance with other selection and filtering logic.