Ship Now & Pay Later Program from DFA: Advantages and Benefits

Ship Now & Pay Later Program from DFA: Advantages and Benefits


In the ever-evolving world of global trade, cash flow is a key factor. Many businesses need help managing operational expenses while ensuring timely shipments to meet customer demands. Discover Ship Now, Pay Later program for DFA members, a financial solution designed to bridge this gap, allowing businesses to manage their FCL, LCL, FTL, LTL, and Air freight shipments with ease and efficiency.


A Glimpse into the Ship Now, Pay Later Program

The Ship Now, Pay Later program is engineered to facilitate delivery processes and aid in global supply chain expansion. With this service, you gain access to a pay-per-use facility that can significantly smooth out the payment cycle, allowing businesses to better manage their working capital and offer more flexible payment terms to their customers.


Key Advantages

Freight forwarders can get new opportunities and more leads thanks to the following features of the service.

Pay-Per-Use Facility. Freeze freight charges for customers and establish convenient post-payment deadlines for high volumes of shipments. Obtain necessary working capital for at least 30 days and leverage volumes with your clients without dipping into your funds. In case of payment deferral requests from clients, simply forward the invoice from your vendor or carrier to DFA, who will settle the payment on your behalf at a low interest rate of 2%.

Streamlined KYC Process. The DFA team ensures a smooth compliance journey to verify your company's profile comprehensively. Reliable freight forwarders can swiftly obtain financial support.

Enhanced Payment Cycle. Boost your working capital with the "Ship Now, Pay Later" financing program for installment payments from your customers. Enjoy advanced profits from global supply chain orders and settle the shipment costs 30 days later or even beyond.



How it Works for Shippers 

Shippers can book a quote with a delayed payment in a few simple steps: 

  1. Creating an account at
  2. Finding the rate and placing a booking request.
  3. Requesting a late payment option.
  4. DFA will pay the carrier invoice on your behalf.
  5. Shipper paying within 30 days.


This straightforward process allows you to concentrate on growth rather than getting entangled in financial intricacies. You can not only find new customers but also significantly increase the number of shipments with your existing ones.


Expanding Shipping Services Through a Postpaid Program

The program is a ticket to providing an extended range of shipping services without straining your budget. By offering a postpaid option, you diminish the chances of a customer backing out on shipping a large consignment. Simply transfer the invoice from the shipping line to the DFA team, set a payment deadline for the customer, and pay the invoice plus a 2% margin in 30 days under the “Ship Now, Pay Later” terms.


Wrapping Up

The Ship Now, Pay Later program is a solution for freight forwarders who are looking to improve their cash flow and streamline their payment cycles. With its simple sign-up process and flexible payment terms, DFA makes it easy to get the financial support you need to grow your business.  Join the DFA daily growing community and get an advantage from this service and other tools and benefits!