Premium Membership Opportunity for Air Cargo Tracking Integration

Premium Membership Opportunity for Air Cargo Tracking Integration


As you strive to grow your business, an effective approach is to fill your service arsenal with more effective solutions to your customers' needs. In the same way, millions of shippers around the world will be able to address their logistics requirements on freight forwarders' websites that integrate innovative solutions.

Today's review is devoted to the functionality of the Air Cargo Tracking tool, which will increase the attendance of your business resources and the loyalty of existing customers. Would you ask how? This is the power of making air cargo shipments transparent.

Let's take a look at the features and integration possibilities of the Air Cargo Tracking tool for Premium Members of the Digital Freight Alliance.


How does Air Cargo Tracking work for your business?

We are pleased to introduce you to the intuitive functionality of the Air Cargo Tracking tool and reveal all its useful features to you. Let's analyze how our IT solution for shipping can be beneficial to your daily demands.

By searching the Air Waybill, users gain transparency into the entire supply chain. Detailed information about your airfreight, the current location of the shipment, an interactive map, and other transportation insights are available in one place in a couple of seconds.

The tool provides accurate and in-depth information from 370+ airlines worldwide, which helps us ensure data reliability for you. Regular improvements to the SeaRates database provide your web-integrated and API versions with timely updates on air cargo statuses. 


You can obtain the latest data from Air Cargo Tracking such as the following:

- autodetect of the airline and carrier
- interactive map with real-time navigation of your transportation route and current cargo location
- advanced shipment data, conveniently categorized in the "History" and "Details" columns:
- "History" contains a detailed description of the full route data, including dates, times, and locations;
- "Details" contains detailed information about the cargo, aircraft name, ETA, ATD, ATA, and other important logistics events.


There are three options available to utilize the Air Cargo Tracking tool: 

• Web version on (for subscription to the web version of the tool, please contact the SeaRates team)
• Web-integrated version of Air Cargo Tracking as a widget on your platforms or websites
• API integration into any of your ERP, TMS, or CRM systems (acceptable out of DFA Membership by request to the SeaRates team here)

Features of the web-integrated version 

The DFA Premium Membership Package offers you the choice of integrating the Container Tracking widget, which you can learn about here, as well as the Air Cargo Tracking widget to track your air freight. As a Premium Member, you can select either one or the other under your Membership Tier.

Based on the principle of easy integration of SeaRates IT tools for logistics, the web-integrated version of Air Cargo Tracking immediately fills your company's platform or website with full data on air waybill requests and real-time updates.

In addition to the above-mentioned categories of the complete database available on your website, you will also become a resource for an innovative interface for tracking air travel and obtaining additional data:

- Your website filled with an Air Cargo Tracking widget will provide improved results due to the expansion of data on shipping cards, including airline names and logistics event times.
- Even without opening the transportation card, it is possible to get key information about the route, which fully automates tracking and optimizes the entire supply chain via your website.

Apply to the SeaRates team for details on the integration of Air Cargo Tracking or the SeaRates Tracking System to your website, to get access to the API, or to subscribe to the website.

Easily web integration

With web integration opportunities, Premium DFA Members can develop and implement a customized interactive map at a glance. Along with extra route data, provide your customers with such significant capabilities as receiving tracking data on each stage of transportation - from the moment of departure to the point of arrival of their cargo.

The convenience of tracking is based on the constant upgrade of system details, such as improved logic for determining transportation statuses, which allows receiving up-to-date information for prompt response.


How can I receive information about the status of my air shipments?

For easier shipping management, the status of your shipments is displayed in the upper right corner of the shipment card. It’s marked as Notified/Arrived/Delivered. Simply enter your Air Waybill to begin the tracking, and obtain such data as air freight information, delivery status, cargo location on the map, and so on. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How can I share tracking results with my partner or customer?

We provide you with the ability to share access to your shipping cards to simplify communication between shippers and carriers. The user should open the shipment card and provide direct access to it by simply copying the link to the card. This way, you can keep your partner tuned and up-to-date with any logistics events and changes your supply chain has. Real-time, accurate air cargo information complements the logistics and trading businesses of all stakeholders and improves your customers’ logistics experience.

For more Frequently Asked Questions about Air Cargo Tracking, please visit here.


To Conclude

With a greater and better range of logistics solutions for your customers, you have a stronger foothold in the logistics market. Your trading operations are also enhanced by the transparency and visibility impact you get from the advanced Air Cargo Tracking functionality.

Weekly updates of the SeaRates marketplace will provide your web-integrated and API versions with a higher quantity and accuracy of information every time. And you can freely expand the geography of your services, attracting a wider audience by offering quality logistics.

If you have any questions, contact our team at to explore the DFA Premium Membership and easily integrate our IT tools to scale your shipping business.

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