October 2021 Development Update - Digital Freight Alliance

October 2021 Development Update - Digital Freight Alliance


There have been some exciting new features added to the Digital Freight Alliance functionality this month. We have also optimised some of the existing elements.

Thank you for your feedback as it helps us to continuously improve our services.

In case you missed our previous updates, you can read them here.


New sign-up process

We've simplified the registration process significantly. Simply input your info and verify your email, and you will be directed instantly to the DFA request account. After our management approves your request, you may join as a free or premium member by completing the necessary KYC form.



DFA request account type

When you complete the quick registration form, you will have the chance to see some of the features and choose whether you want to be a premium or free member of the DFA. Additionally, you will have restricted access to all functions and will be required to complete the KYC form in order to get access.



New help for DFA

We've updated our DFA help; you can now send real-time queries. If a customer contacts our technical support or a member of our team with a question, we willquickly add it to the help section, ensuring that you can always return and learn all you need to know about DFAand the services we provide. If you cannot find your inquiry, please contact us at info@df-alliance.com.



Improved Logistics Explorer integration

We've customized the integration specially for DFA members. Premium DFA members now have the option of white-labeling the Logistics Explorer widget.

Additionally, we've updated our documentation for the Logistics Explorer integration, making it easier than ever to integrate our freight calculator into your website.



Growing the DFA community

We're pleased to welcome 449 new members to the Digital Freight Alliance. The DF Alliance now has 1,829 members in 190+ countries.

DF Alliance members have access to a global freight forwarding network that allows them to expand opportunities for their business and meet freight partners from all over the world.




Performance enhancements

This week, we worked on cleaning up the code in our tools, and the JS now loads 25% quicker! Additionally, we've introduced a new feature for DFA members: ERP for all of your logistics needs. Now you may benefit even more by becoming a member of our worldwide network of freight forwarders.



Bug fixes

There were a number of issues in the apps that have since been resolved, including the following:

  • A bug affecting quick registration for Safari users has been fixed.
  • The short KYC form has been updated to include the city.
  • Improved functionality on the site as a result of the SEO revisions



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