Monthly Member’s Meeting in September 2022: What You Need to Know

Monthly Member’s Meeting in September 2022: What You Need to Know


The highlights of our September Member's Meeting are included here. This monthly meeting is a chance to learn about Digital Freight Alliance's planned projects. We begin with a brief overview of last month's meeting and then examine many important debates.

This article will outline the agenda for future meetings and provide information on upcoming Digital Freight Alliance events that you may be interested in attending or participating in.

Today’s digital world demands we work in an entirely new way. 


Vision & Strategy

The DFA is a network association designed to connect freight forwarders to each other and to cargo opportunities. 

Uniquely among such associations, this design is part of a wider vision to facilitate digital transformation for members by providing the best online digital tools and access to a dynamic cargo booking platform.


Digital Freight Alliance and SeaRates

We set up DFA in 2020 as a development from the freight booking platform, which was designed to help smaller cargo owners looking for spot rates make up that 10 - 15% of their overall freight spend that is not already committed on a contract logistics basis.


Cargoes Flow

Cargoes Flow Mission

Striving to be the number ONE tracking, control, analytics and optimization tool  of choice for enterprise cargo owners

Cargoes Flow Vision

To enable collaboration, foster data sharing, and improve efficiency

It’s still not uncommon for 30 independent parties, 100 people and up to 200 exchanges of information to be connected to a single shipment


Why Visibility is Business Critical

  • 79% of Organizations have inadequate visibility into their supply chain.
  • 90% of Shippers use visibility capabilities as a metric when choosing carriers.
  • 63% of Shippers take supply chain visibility as a high priority for improvement.
  • 6% of Shippers have real-time or near real-time freight visibility.
  • 50%+ Global shipping lines have delays in vessel arrival.
  • 15%+ of Shipping cost savings from improved supply chain visibility.
  • 75%+ of Reduction of manual efforts to query where the cargo is.
  • 20%+ of Customer growth due to satisfaction in freight visibility.


Common Causes Of Freight Delay

  • Inclement weather conditions.
  • Congestion on the road or at the port.
  • Navigational hazards during transit.
  • Strikes by service providers’ union members.
  • Regulatory holding such as customs inspection.
  • Delay or data inaccuracy from connected sources or partners.
  • Resource constraints during peak season, holidays or weekends.


Monetary Loss from Poor Supply Chain Visibility

  • Transportation disruption and service delays.
  • Increasing logistic costs for expediting shipments.
  • Long production cycles due to delayed availability of inbound shipments.
  • Increasing risks from cargo theft and/or product quality deterioration.
  • Missing customer expectations and loss of customer trust.


Cargoes Flow provides

  • End-to-end Tracking - Track your multimodal shipments from origin to destination
  • Supply Chain  Visibility - Understand the availability of your products for every purchase order
  • Document  Sharing - Manage shipping documents online for easy collaboration
  • Exception  Management - Receive email notifications for key milestone events and in-transit exceptions
  • Performance  Analytics - Visualize key performance indicators and gain insights into optimization opportunities





Carrier Coverage

Currently integrated with 52+ ocean lines

  • 2M Alliance: Maersk, MSC, Hamburg Sud, Safmarine, Sealand
  • Ocean Alliance: COSCO, OOCL, CMA-CGM, APL, Evergreen
  • The Alliance: ONE, Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming, HMM and more!


Easy to integrate with inland carriers

  • Easy onboarding via API integration of TMS
  • Supports most asset trackers and IoT devices
  • Near real-time data ingestion and standardization
  • Minimal IT integration cost


Exception Notifications for Seamless Change Management

  • Missing on board
  • ETD change
  • Late departure
  • Unplanned rollover
  • ETA Change
  • Change of destination
  • Late arrival
  • Delayed custom release
  • Extended storage in the terminal
  • Truck missing gate appointment

Cargoes Flow Advantages

  • One platform across all carriers
  • Intermodal Shipments
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Global Tracking
  • Hacker-Proof Data Security
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple Intuitive User Interface



  • Bird's-eye view of all active shipments
  • Colour-coded to indicate  exception severity
  • Map view of shipment location in near real-time
  • Card view that gives a glance at key shipment  information such as (vessel name, journey timeline,  ETA, etc.)



  • Overview of departures and arrivals across your entire network or for specific locations
  • Colour-coded labels to help easily track the movement of shipments
  • Card view that gives a glance at each shipment on each day.


Shipment Visibility

  • End-to-end tracking across land and sea
  • Reliable and standardized tracking data coming from a  collection of data sources
  • Exception management and notifications for shipment delays, early arrivals, and more
  • Map view for visualizing shipment movements and near real-time location
  • Product and PO level view of your shipments


KPI and Analytics

  • Charts that help identify where the inefficiencies occur
  • Analytics that help the user collaborate with the right business partners
  • Simplified cards and graphs that summarize the key logistics data for the user


Membership Tiers

Digital Freight Alliance is the first global supply chain association created by DP World, a leading enabler of logistics and trade. With both a free and premium membership, it's the start of your journey. Choose one and enjoy all the benefits of the Digital Freight Alliance.



What’s next?

We appreciate your attention and look forward to seeing you at Global Freight Summit by DP World on 14 - 16 November 2022 at Grand Hyatt, Dubai.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the industry's future.

Please visit this page to learn more.



If you are a member of the DFA and missed this meeting, please contact your account manager to get a copy of the presentation. If you would like to join us, please contact us so that you don’t lose out on any opportunities for your freight forwarding business.