Monthly Members Meeting in May 2024: Main Points

Monthly Members Meeting in May 2024: Main Points


We are pleased to share the highlights of our May DFA meeting. This regular meeting is a great opportunity to meet with members of the Digital Freight Alliance. Let's start with a recap of the previous meeting, which was a great experience and valuable learning.

Vision & Strategy

The Digital Freight Alliance was founded in early 2020 as a union of logistics providers that use the technologies of DFA is designed to be the world's most influential independent freight forwarders' association and covers more than 190 countries. DFA is the first, despite much competition, because it uses innovative and technical capabilities and also strives to keep developing new opportunities for members of the Alliance.

To understand the philosophy behind how a wider vision grew from this beginning, one needs to know that DFA was born in DP World. And DP World was born from the cultural background of Dubai as an entrepôt. As barriers have progressively risen to world trade in the last ten years, DP World sees the digital revolution as an alternative engine to create growth.

To deliver this growth, however, we must provide the opportunity for SME forwarders to digitize and compete with large-scale players who are digitizing at scale. We believe SME forwarders who can “go global” are the key to prosperity.


DF Alliance & PT Berlian Dumai Logistics

PT Berlian Dumai Logistics is a leading logistics provider of freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, and other services. The company provides a wide range of sea, air, and land freight shipping, logistics services, and warehousing, as well as comprehensive solutions for customs insurance and inland cargo carriage and handling.

Mr. Hendy Pramudhya Lubis, Commercial Manager of PT Berlian Dumai Logistics, a DFA Premium Member from Indonesia, spoke at the May Member Meeting. He shared useful information about the company’s experience, services, achievements, and heights in the Indonesian region, logistics market, and far beyond.


Introduction to PT Berlian Dumai Logistics: DFA Premium Member