Monthly Member’s Meeting in March 2023: What You Need to Know

Monthly Member’s Meeting in March 2023: What You Need to Know


The highlights of our March Member's Meeting are included here. This monthly meeting is a chance to learn about Digital Freight Alliance's planned projects. We begin with a brief overview of last month's meeting and then examine many of the important debates that occurred.

This article will outline the agenda for future meetings and provide information on upcoming Digital Freight Alliance events that you may be interested in attending or participating in.

Today’s digital world demands we work in an entirely new way. 


Vision & Strategy

The Digital Freight Alliance was founded in early 2020 as a union of logistics providers that use the technologies of the projects DFA is designed to be the world's most powerful and independent freight forwarders' association that covers more than 190 countries. DFA is the first, despite much competition, because it uses innovative and technical capabilities, and also strives to keep developing new opportunities for members of the Alliance.

To understand the philosophy behind how a wider vision grew from this beginning one needs to know that DFA was born from DP World and that DP World was born from the cultural background of Dubai as an entrepot. As barriers have progressively risen to world trade in the last ten years, DP World sees the digital revolution as an alternative engine to create growth.

To deliver this growth, however, we must provide the opportunity for SME forwarders to digitize, to compete with large-scale players who are digitizing at scale. SME forwarders who are able to “go global” are the key to prosperity, we believe.






Digital Solutions

Digitization is time consuming, costly and requires a plan. SME forwarders frequently do not have the luxury of time and capital to develop own systems, so DFA has undertaken that task. The power grid has been provided; all that is required is for DFA members to have a strategy to plug in and integrate their systems.














Business Opportunities - Marketplace 

SeaRates is a trusted online platform designed to provide shippers looking to transport their goods with the best rates allowing them to book shipments of cargo from and to anywhere in the world. 

SeaRates' goal is to make the work of any logistics business on the internet as easy as the sale of air tickets - simple, user-friendly, convenient, and fast.


  • Advertise your rates on SeaRates to more than 20k shippers every day 

As a premium DFA member, you will have the ability to promote your services to thousands of potential customers through Your rates will be shown in thousands of daily search results to customers whose specific needs match with your rates supply. The more competitive your rates, the higher chance you have of winning the booking bid. In addition to that you will also be getting leads from our SeaRates team.


  • Bid on each lead coming to SeaRates

As a premium member, you will have the opportunity to see the latest requests coming to the SeaRates platform and offer your rates to the SeaRates team at once through chat under each lead. Such activity increases your chances to get business from the platform and increase your sales.


  • How to increase your sales using Logistics Explorer?

As a premium DFA member you can subscribe to the rates of members in different countries adding your markup and make additional sales on their services. Add your own rates and allow your member network to advertise and resell them.


  • Opt-in to make your rates discoverable by other members

You have the opportunity to gain new business by opting-in your rates for other members to leverage them for their customers. Your partner member will be promoting your rates in their country, expanding your sales geography in new markets.




  • Member’s Directory

Get access to a network of freight forwarders in more than 190 countries. The existing members will help you better understand the market and how to approach your customers with more certainty. Each DFA member is carefully screened before acceptance into DFA, ensuring that only trusted, reliable, and the best companies are admitted. You can be sure that by working with the DFA, you are working with the best companies in the business.


  • Payment Protection

The main objective of the Digital Freight Alliance is to build a stable and long-term partnership between all members of the network. Premium members enjoy the luxury of financial confidence when conducting business with other premium members in the group under the most complete guarantees. DFA transactions are guaranteed between enrolled member offices in the case of non-payment. We are happy to announce the launch of the DFA Protection Plan, as part of the benefits of being a premium member of the network.




  • DFA Events

Participation in DFA events can help you to increase your business opportunities, advertise your company, and learn more from the industry experts.


Membership Tiers

Digital Freight Alliance is the first global supply chain association created by DP World, a leading enabler of logistics and trade. With both a free and premium membership, it's the start of your journey. Choose one and enjoy all the benefits of the Digital Freight Alliance.



As a member of the DFA, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and topics discussed in our meetings. If you missed this meeting, don't worry! You can still catch up with the two recorded sessions below. This way, you won't miss out on any of the important information that was discussed during the meeting. With these recordings, you can make sure that you're always in the know about what's going on within our Alliance.


Product overview from our monthly member’s meeting: 

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If you would like to join us, please contact us so that you don’t lose out on any opportunities for your freight forwarding business.