Monthly Member’s Meeting in February 2022: What You Need to Know

Monthly Member’s Meeting in February 2022: What You Need to Know


The highlights of our February Member's Meeting are included here. This monthly meeting is a chance to learn about Digital Freight Alliance's planned projects. We begin with a brief overview of last month's meeting and then examine many of the important debates that occurred.


This article will outline the agenda for future meetings and provide information on upcoming Digital Freight Alliance events that you may be interested in attending or participating in.


Today’s digital world demands we work in an entirely new way. 


Logistics Explorer

SeaRates Logistics Explorer is a unique online-quotation module for transport and logistics companies who are looking to increase their sales by using their own websites to get online bookings from customers. 





  • The main purpose is to make your business experience even faster, more responsive, and more efficient. 
  • Any visitor to your website can get your instant quotes and book 24/7 so that you'll never ever miss a lead!
  • It’s an outstanding tool to approach new and enhance the service to existing customers.


Rates & Tariffs 

Logistics Explorer's backbone is the RMS, which allows you to manage rates. It gives you a single source of truth and an easy and fast way to access your rates.

It allows you to search for your contract rates as well as those of agents and partners you have subscribed to in a matter of seconds.


Advertise your rates on to more than 20k visitors every day


How to increase sales?

Subscribe on rates of your partners in different countries and make additional sales on their services. Add your own rates and allow your partner network to advertise and resell them.


Opt-in to make your rates discoverable by other members

By opting-in your rates for other members, to leverage them for their customers, you have the opportunity to win new business.


Your partner member will be promoting your selling rates in his country, expanding your sales geography in the new markets. 



Tracking system

An ultimate cargo tracking system, which works on any desktop or mobile device. Let your customers know where their cargo is and view it on the map without calling you! 


Arrange your shipments 

Folders function allows you to organize all the cargoes under weight in the specific order convenient for you. 

You may name folders after BL numbers or any other identificator on your own just to have the perfect management and efficiency.



Container Tracking Integration

The Tracking System is a unique application that was created with the aim of tracking cargo without the need to visit multiple sites of various carriers. In the modern world of logistics, customers will not perceive a forwarder as a reputable service provider if they are unable to digitally track their goods. Customers are likely to question a carrier’s credibility if that carrier does not provide tracking information on the movement of their valuable goods in real time.



Ship Schedules

Whether you're planning container bookings or analyzing vessel movements, we have the most comprehensive sailing schedule database. Complete, accurate and updated continuously, our schedule data is available to logistics professionals - anytime and anywhere. Search our extensive routes to find the right schedule which fits your supply chain.



How do I add your digital solutions to my website?


Step 1 - Get the customized codes of the platform from your DFA account manager


Step 2 - Do the integration using the help of your programmers or any third-party IT service providers, NOTE; SeaRates IT department is at your disposal to help you with this


Step 3 - As soon as the platform is integrated on your side, share with your manager the domain where the integration took place to open your access




Annual Members Conference

The Annual Members Conference was held 10 & 11 March 2022 at the DP World Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, bringing together DF Alliance members from around the world. Our next blog post will detail how it went and what the conference was all about.




If you are a member of the DFA and missed this meeting, please contact your account manager to get a copy of the presentation. If you would like to join us, please contact us so that you don’t lose out on any opportunities for your freight forwarding business.