Premium Member: XXL Consolidation GmbH

Premium Member: XXL Consolidation GmbH


The Digital Freight Alliance (DFA) came into existence in early 2020, connecting freight forwarders worldwide while providing the best online tools to enhance business activity. We are pleased to introduce you to our premium member, XXL Consolidation GmbH, a first-class freight forwarder from Germany.


Introduction to XXL Consolidation GmbH

Get ready to experience a revolution in project cargo handling with XXL Consolidation, a freight forwarding company that specializes in out-of-gauge, over-dimensioned, and high-and-heavy cargo. Their unique product of OOG cargo consolidation is a game-changer in the industry, combining multiple crates on flat rack equipment to make the most of available space. With their innovative service, XXL Consolidation is not only reducing inefficiencies and expenses but also providing sustainable freight solutions.



Founded in 2019, XXL Consolidation is committed to providing efficient and eco-friendly shipping solutions. Their vision is decarbonization, and their mission is efficiency. With the launch of their OOG consolidation service in the second half of 2021, the company has set a new standard in the industry. XXL Consolidation operates on three lanes in India, the Middle East, and China, with a dedicated CFS in POL Hamburg, core carriers at the trades, and contracted partners overseas.

Their cargo pickup service for over-dimensioned cargo in Germany is a standout feature, providing convenience and peace of mind to shippers. XXL Consolidation ensures space and equipment based on weekly schedules and offers SOC equipment for emergencies. After arrival at the POD, an exclusive partner picks up the consol flat racks from the terminal, destuffs the goods at their CFS, and delivers the specific shipments to their specific consignees for pickup on the FOT base.

XXL Consolidation has established a transparent pricing system, ensuring that all incurred charges are clear from the beginning. The company offers tailor-made quotations on the spot and named account quotes with an appropriate tariff structure. As a globally protected trademark, only licensed partners operate under the XXL brand, ensuring neutrality and fair pricing.



Experience the future of project cargo handling with XXL Consolidation. With their innovative approach, transparent pricing, and commitment to sustainability, XXL Consolidation is the freight forwarding company of choice for shippers who demand the best.


DF Alliance & XXL Consolidation GmbH

XXL Consolidation GmbH is pleased to have been an esteemed premium member of the DFA since 2022, and is enthusiastic about the prospect of growing its innovative and unparalleled OOG consolidation service on a global scale. The company is firmly committed to fostering the success of DFA, and is dedicated to delivering its very best to the network, with a view to achieving sustained success and collaboration in the long run. 



Contact details:

Mr. Timo Wittmann, CEO


Mobile: +49 1525 790 6645


Mr. Philip Freytag, Business Development


Mobile: +49 176 1090 6662