May 2022 - DFA Development Update

May 2022 - DFA Development Update


We would like to express our gratitude to our customers and partners for providing us with continuous feedback. We are always innovating and improving the features of DF Alliance, and your feedback is essential in enabling us to do so. These are the most recent changes that you should be aware of.


Homepage improvements

We've added a section to the homepage to inform you about upcoming DFA meetings, so you don't miss any and can keep up to date. You will also be able to register for our meetings on the homepage of the DFA.



To simplify website navigation, we have also placed the 'Directory' page in the top right corner and first in the list.


New badges for members of the Free and Premium tiers

Our badges for free and premium DFA members have been updated. You may now get the new badge from the Directory and use it to update the badge on your website. We considered the new design and the preferences of our members.



Updated pages

In order to provide a better experience for our members, we have updated our Membership, Payment Protection, Directory, and Terms & Conditions pages on our website with new and up-to-date information.



Growing the DFA community

We're pleased to welcome 141 new members to the Digital Freight Alliance. The DF Alliance now has 3,725 members in 190+ countries. 

DF Alliance members have access to a global freight forwarding network that allows them to expand opportunities for their business and meet freight partners from all over the world.



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