January 2023 Development Update - Digital Freight Alliance

January 2023 Development Update - Digital Freight Alliance


We would like to thank our customers and business partners for giving us feedback all the time. We're always coming up with new ideas and making DF Alliance better, and we need your feedback to do that. Here are the most recent changes that you should be aware of.


Updated pages

We have added new and up-to-date information to our Membership and Monthly Members Meeting pages on our website to provide a better experience for our members. 



Growing the DFA community

Today, we’re excited to announce a huge milestone for the Digital Freight Alliance community: over 5000 members! Founded in 2020, it has already become the third-largest network in the world. Thank you for your business, your trust, and your confidence. It is an honour to serve all of you with our services, and we look forward to even greater accomplishments with you.

DF Alliance members have access to a global freight forwarding network that allows them to expand opportunities for their business and meet freight partners from all over the world.



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