How does Barinaco Supply Ltd. & Logistics Optimize Cargo Forwarding Worldwide?

How does Barinaco Supply Ltd. & Logistics Optimize Cargo Forwarding Worldwide?


The SeaRates and Digital Freight Alliance teams are proud to contribute to the development of the global freight forwarding community, whose success is a pleasure to watch. We share valuable experience in cooperation to provide profitable and efficient solutions for the business goals of our customers and members around the world.

For today's interview, we invited Barinakandi Jean Claude from Barinaco Supply Ltd. and Logistics company, a DFA Premium Member from Dubai, UAE, & Kigali-Rwanda, CA.

We are grateful to Barinakandi Jean Claude for the pleasant opportunity to discover the comprehensive logistics service of Barinaco Supply Ltd. and Logistics. Stay with us further and discover new partnerships and acquaintances for the prosperity of your logistics businesses.


Tell us a bit about your company

We represent the international freight forwarding company Barinaco Supply Ltd and Logistics, whose main idea is to provide comprehensive logistics solutions for the individual needs of businesses around the world. We often refer to ourselves as "architects" for our clients, because we diligently "build" cargo flows of various specifics by sea, land, and air.

Our offices are located in Dubai, UAE, and Rwanda, CA, which allows our logistics team to cover the world's major economic hubs even closer than our competitors.


Describe your services to your prospective customers

Freight Air Transport, Sea and Coastal Freight Water Transport, and Reliable Storing Services: any of these can be found at your disposal in cooperation with Barinaco Supply Ltd. and Logistics.