How do Freeline Movers Conquer Global Lanes by One-Window Operations?

How do Freeline Movers Conquer Global Lanes by One-Window Operations?


The SeaRates and Digital Freight Alliance teams are grateful for the invaluable experience of cooperation with the global logistics community. It's an honor and pleasure to see businesses getting closer to their dreams.

For today's interview, we invited Mr. Anwar Ali, Branch Manager of Freeline Movers company, a DFA Premium Member from Pakistan.

We are grateful to Mr. Anwar Ali for the pleasant opportunity to talk and learn about the uniqueness of Freeline Movers. Stay with us further and discover new partnerships and acquaintances for the prosperity of your logistics businesses.


Tell us a bit about your company

First and foremost, Freeline Movers stands as a leading packing, shipping, transportation, freight forwarding and custom clearance company in Pakistan, currently holding the position as the country's largest.

Moreover, our extensive road transportation network spans across Pakistan and Afghanistan, providing our clients with easy access to heavy cranes, forklifts, low-bed trailers, and high-bed trucks.

In facilitating seamless movements, we offer air waybills for air deliveries to any global destination and ensure broad sea coverage through our vessels from Karachi ports, reaching 95% of the world's destinations by sea.

An invaluable benefit for our customers lies in our inclusive customs clearance and other meticulous details integrated into our freight forwarding services. Our one-window shipping solution ensures transparency throughout the cargo delivery process, whether from door to door or from vessel loading to arrival at the port of destination.

Based in Kabul, Afghanistan, we recently inaugurated a new branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, expanding our reach beyond offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Kabul.

Excitingly, we're launching our new sister company, Freeline Shipping. Stay tuned for more details as we unveil this latest addition to our growing portfolio.


What experience do you already have with the Digital Freight Alliance and SeaRates marketplace?

I participated in the Global Freight Summit held in November 2023 in Dubai, gaining valuable insights into the offerings and support provided by DF-Alliance for businesses. During the event, we explored the range of services, learned about membership opportunities, and were impressed by the benefits. Consequently, we decided to become Premium Members.

At this early stage of our engagement with the Alliance and the SeaRates marketplace, our company is keen on integrating various IT tools into our website. Witnessing these tools in action during real cases at the summit has heightened our interest. To kickstart this initiative, we have initiated a collaboration with the SeaRates team, and the partnership is already proving to be fruitful. We are eager to further explore and implement these tools to enhance our operations.


Describe your services to your perspective customers

Currently, we operate as both packers and movers, offering a holistic solution for individuals and businesses relocating from one destination to another. Freeline Movers provides an extensive array of services, catering to diverse client needs:

· Oil rigs movement
· Logistics management
· Custom clearance under license NO. 1645 (applicable for airports and seaports in Pakistan)
· Domestic transportation
· Packing services
· Freight forwarding (sea/air)
· Afghan-Pakistan transit trade agreement
· Procurement and transportation
· Project handling
· Complete relocation solutions
· In-transit insurance
· Warehousing facilities
· Door-to-door services (international household/commercial/mobile oil/rigs movements)


Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive package that ensures a seamless and efficient transition for our valued customers. If you have any specific inquiries or requirements, please feel free to let us know.




For our comprehensive packaging services, we provide an extensive selection of packaging materials, including corrugated sheets, bubble wrap, and various other essentials. Additionally, our offerings extend to a carpentry workshop, where customers can procure wooden lift vans if required. We ensure thorough disinfection and provide facilities for both LCL shipments and containers.

These offerings form part of our first-priority packages tailored for customers moving from one country to another. Our commitment is to provide a complete and secure packaging solution to meet the diverse needs of our clients during their relocation journey. If you have any specific preferences or requirements, please don't hesitate to communicate them to our team.


How many facilities or warehouses do you have?

Freeline Movers boasts a robust warehousing infrastructure, strategically located in key cities across Pakistan and Riyadh. Our six warehouses are situated in major urban centers, including Islamabad, Karachi, Kabul, Lahore, Peshawar, and Riyadh, catering to diverse logistical needs.

The warehouse capacities are as follows:

· Islamabad: 16,000 square feet
· Karachi: 10,000 square feet
· Riyadh: More than 10,000 square feet
· Kabul: 8,000 square feet
· Lahore: 6,000 square feet
· Peshawar: 5,000 square feet

This expansive warehousing network enables us to provide efficient and secure storage solutions, ensuring the seamless management of goods for our clients. Whether it's for short-term storage or long-term solutions, Freeline Movers is well-equipped to meet your warehousing requirements on a large scale across Pakistan.



Furthermore, learn about the equipment provided by Freeline Movers:



Have you already started to promote your freight rates on the SeaRates marketplace?

Freight rates for 32 destinations from Karachi, PA, for 20-ft and 40-ft container shipments have already been provided by Freeline Movers and are available in the Logistics Explorer tool on Here are a few of them:


Port of Origin Port of Destination 20-ft FCL 40-ft FCL
Karachi    Sydney Book for $1,650 Book for $2,862
Karachi    Antwerpen Book for $4,345 Book for $4,698
Karachi    Los Angeles Book for $3,135 Book for $3,618
Karachi    Toronto Book for $6,490 Book for $7,236
Karachi    Algeria Book for $5,390 Book for $5,562
Karachi    Xingang Book for $1,045 Book for $1,350
Karachi    Port Klang Book for $825 Book for $1,134
Karachi    Durban Book for $2,145 Book for $2,538
Karachi    Jebel Ali Book for $605 Book for $864
Karachi    Hong Kong Book for $825 Book for $1,026
Karachi Riyadh Book for $1,705 Book for $2,106
Karachi    Colombo Book for $1,045 Book for $1,674
Karachi    Singapore Book for $825 Book for $1,134
Karachi    Bremerhaven Book for $4,180 Book for $4,698
Karachi    Mombasa Book for $2,145 Book for $2,646

*Actual rates are valid until March 31, 2024.


What guarantees do you offer to your customers?

At Freeline Movers, we prioritize customer satisfaction and safety, offering a range of guarantees and comprehensive services:

· Door-to-Door Services: We provide seamless door-to-door services to all our clients, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient moving experience.
· Affordability and Convenience: Our services are competitively priced, and we ensure a convenient process by leveraging our extensive network of partners around the world, particularly in Canada, the United States of America, and Europe. This network allows us to offer customs clearance and delivery services on behalf of our clients, saving them valuable time.
· Global Partnerships: Having numerous partners worldwide, especially in North America and Europe, enables us to provide efficient customs clearance and delivery services. This global network ensures a smooth transition for our clients during international moves.
· Insurance Facilities: Recognizing the importance of protecting our clients' valuable possessions, we offer comprehensive insurance facilities. This service is particularly popular among clients moving internationally, whether for household purposes or when transporting specific equipment from factories.
· Safety and Reliability: Our door-to-door solutions prioritize safety, ensuring the secure transportation of goods. We work in collaboration with Inter Trans, a leading and proven American company in Pakistan, to enhance the reliability of our cargo services.

At Freeline Movers, our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive, safe, and reliable moving experience for our clients, backed by our global partnerships and commitment to quality service.


What kind of security measures do you offer for cargo shipments?

At Freeline Movers, safety is our top priority, and we have implemented a comprehensive set of security measures to ensure the secure transportation and storage of cargo:

· Ownership and Control: We own our fleet and warehouses, giving us direct control over the entire logistics process. From the moment cargo arrives at our warehouse to its import or export to the final destination, our operations remain transparent and visible, facilitating effective security control.
· Transparency and Visibility: Our operations are designed to be transparent and visible, aiding in security control. This transparency extends to the handling of cargo, ensuring a clear and accountable process.
· Advanced Security Protocols: We employ advanced security measures throughout the transportation process and within our warehouses. Fire alarms and surveillance cameras follow the latest security protocols, providing an additional layer of protection.
· Customer Access to CCTV Recordings: Customers have access to video recordings from CCTV cameras and photos of their cargo in our warehouse, offering a comprehensive level of protection. This transparency enhances customer confidence in the security of their shipments.
· Dedicated Security Team: Our security team manages the footage and sources of exercise, ensuring vigilant monitoring and swift response to any security concerns.
· GPS Tracking: GPS trackers are installed in our fleet and vehicles, enabling real-time tracking of our vehicles on the roads. This feature enhances efficiency and provides an additional layer of security for the transportation process.
By following stringent security measures and protocols, Freeline Movers aims to set a high standard in the industry, ensuring the safety and protection of our clients' cargo throughout the entire logistics journey.


What do you expect to get from DFA Membership and cooperation with the SeaRates team?

Joining the Digital Freight Alliance (DFA) and collaborating with the SeaRates team aligns with our strategic objectives, and we expect several benefits from this partnership:

· Increased Bookings and Customer Base: Our primary goal is to secure more bookings and expand our customer base. By leveraging the resources and network of DFA, we aim to enhance our market presence and attract new customers.
· Comprehensive Solutions: We look forward to utilizing the collaborative strength of DFA and SeaRates to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients. This includes specific bookings, handling large volumes, and providing end-to-end services such as packaging, sea/land/air shipments, freight forwarding, insurance, warehousing, and storage.
· Global Expansion: Being well-positioned for growth, we aspire to tap into new markets and vital freight lines both regionally and globally. Our objective is to become a prominent player in the international logistics landscape.
· Advancements in Digital Freight: As a member of DFA, we aim to stay at the forefront of digital advancements in the freight industry. This includes embracing innovative technologies and digital solutions that can streamline our operations and enhance customer experiences.
· Market Growth: We are enthusiastic about the potential for market growth facilitated by our DFA membership. This partnership enables us to explore new business opportunities, strengthen our industry presence, and foster continuous growth.
· Satisfaction with Solutions: Our satisfaction with the solutions offered by DFA and SeaRates reinforces our commitment to this partnership. We appreciate the approaches taken by both organizations, and we believe that our Premium Membership with DFA enhances our standing in the industry.
· Recommendation to Partners: Proud to be a Premium Member, we extend our recommendation to partners worldwide to join the Digital Freight Alliance. We believe that this collaboration holds significant value and benefits for businesses operating in the logistics and freight sectors.

In summary, our association with DFA and SeaRates is driven by a shared vision for growth, excellence, and innovation in the logistics industry. We are confident that this collaboration will play a pivotal role in advancing our company and contributing to the success of our global partners.


Why should clients choose your company for their shipments?

Clients should consider choosing Freeline Movers for their shipments for several compelling reasons:

· Competitive Pricing Leadership: We take pride in offering market-leading low prices in our regions. Our commitment to competitive pricing ensures that clients receive cost-effective solutions for their shipping needs.
· Comprehensive Services: Our services are comprehensive, covering the entire logistics journey. Clients benefit from "one-window" and "door-to-door" services, eliminating the need for additional shipping costs from Karachi to any destination worldwide.
· Inclusive Customs Clearance: As part of our commitment to transparency and convenience, customs clearance is included in our services. Clients can rely on a seamless process without incurring additional fees for this crucial aspect of international shipping.
· Transparent and Indispensable Operations: Our "one-window" approach is backed by a specific, dedicated team of experienced professionals focused on worldwide transportation. Furthermore, our extensive partnerships with agents in numerous countries not only save time but also contribute to cost-efficiency for our clients' transportation budgets.
· Global Network of Partnerships: We have established partnerships with agents in many countries, ensuring a global network that benefits our clients. This network not only facilitates efficient shipping but also contributes to budget optimization for our clients.

We appreciate the opportunity to showcase Freeline Movers and express our sincere wishes for your company's prosperity and development. SeaRates and the Digital Freight Alliance look forward to the possibility of meeting you soon and contributing to your success.

For any logistics and trade needs, please feel free to contact us at To reach Freeline Movers, refer to the contact details provided below:


Contact details

Feel free to contact Freeline Movers for high-quality services to handle your cargo and benefit from favorable rates for your logistics operations:



3rd Floor, Yasin Plaza, 74 West Blue Area, Islamabad - Pakistan.

Tel: (+92 51) 2344012, 2344031, 2344034, 2344150, 2344179

Fax : (+92 51) 2344030, 2344151




Mr. Alamgir Shah (Managing Director)


Phone: (+92 51) 2344031, 33, 34

Cell: (+92 51) 300 8500379



Suit No. 14 & 15, 3rd Floor, Kahkashan Mall, Main Tariq Road, 172-1, Block - 2,

P.E.C.H.S, Karachi.

Tel: (+92 21) 34530626, 34310478

Fax: (+92 21) 34531747



Mr. Anwar Ali (Branch Manager)


Cell No. : (+92 345) 9346350

Direct Line: (92 21) 34390061



F-4, Gulberg Centre, Main Boulevard, Lahore.

Tel: (+92 42) 35758861, 35761085

Fax: (+92 42) 35711420



Mr. Raja Saeed (Manager Operations)


Cell No. : (+92 300) 4057423



-9, 2nd Office No. C Floor, Zaheer Plaza, Latifabad, Ring Road, Peshawar.

Tel: (+92 91) 2582778

Fax: (+92 91) 2582898



Mr. Feroze Shah (Resident Manager)


Cell No. : (+92 300) 8599376



Street No.4, Charahi Ansari Road, Opposite Masjid Idrees, Main Kolalapushta Road,

Sher-e- Now, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Tel: +93 797595 808, 93778468 268



Mr. Feroz Shah (Manager Coordination)


Cell No. : (+92 300) 8599376



Plot No. 426, Al- Musfat District,

Near Aramco Riyadh Oil Refinery Postal Code 14528,

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Mr. Muhammad Ifraheem Awan (Country Manager)


Cell No. : (+96 657) 0586993