Global Freight Summit 2023 by DP World: Key Insights and Impressions from DFA

Global Freight Summit 2023 by DP World: Key Insights and Impressions from DFA


We are excited to share the insights and discoveries in global logistics from the Global Freight Summit 2023. The global conference brought together experts from the transport, logistics, supply chain, and related industries. Each had the opportunity to showcase their latest achievements and discuss innovative solutions to today's challenges. After attending GFS 2023, hosted with great expertise by DP World, we are ready to reveal the latest trends and advancements shaping the ever-changing face of global freight.

Following the success of last year's conference, the GFS 2023 remains the ultimate gathering of leading figures and experts in transport, logistics, supply chain, and related fields. This year's gathering promises a deeper exploration of the key factors that keep the world's freight moving.

Be inspired by a diverse range of speakers from all corners of the globe, each bringing their unique perspectives, backgrounds, and industry expertise to the fore. The Global Freight Summit provides an exceptional platform for attendees to network with the leaders of the logistics and supply chain industries.

In this article, the DFA team explores the spirit of the Global Freight Summit 2023, which unfolded between the 15th and 17th of November. Join us as we navigate through the highlights, reveal key takeaways, and share our team impressions from the conference and meetings with DF Alliance Members.

Global Freight Summit 2023: What was the agenda?

Day 1 overview

The first day of the Global Freight Summit 2023 offered an immersive experience, with a range of engaging sessions from morning to evening. The event kicked off at 8:00 am, with registration open throughout the day, allowing attendees to use the event app for business matchmaking and facilitating one-to-one meetings.


The day officially began at 9:00 AM with a warm welcome from Amandeep Bhangu, Master of Ceremonies and former BBC News presenter. The opening session, led by Mike Bhaskaran, Group COO of Digital Technology at DP World, then set the stage for a day of insights into the future of the supply chain.

One of the main highlights of the morning was a Q&A session on innovation and creativity with the renowned Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. Also included in the program were informal conversations about Dubai's position as a significant trading center, a glimpse into the future of the internet by its inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and a perceptive discussion on managing the intricacies of international trade.


The morning break gave attendees a chance to network and share ideas. This set the tone for later sessions, which looked at topics like innovation, digital platforms, and the future of supply chains. Later sessions focused on boosting Asia's trade, linking markets in the GCC area, and increasing growth with key speakers from respected organizations. The day ended at 5:00 PM with Amandeep Bhangu giving closing remarks. Then, there was a networking reception at Miss Tess, Taj Hotel, Business Bay Dubai, starting at 7:00 PM. This capped off a day of vibrant and insightful discussions.


Day 2 overview

Afterward, the program proceeded no less interestingly. Day 2 featured in-depth presentations on global trade trends and regional studies of sustainable development in the corners of the globe. 

Representatives of freight forwarding associations around the world focused the attention of more than 4000 visitors on the nuances of trade and logistics centers around the world: 

• improving the operational performance of businesses;

• trends in promoting development in the regions of Africa, Europe, and others;

• redesigning supply chains for the American market;

• practical application of such innovations as green technologies;

• and large panel discussions.


You can find the topics of the presentations delivered at the event. Check out the event agenda by following the link on the Global Freight Summit 2023 website.


We were honored to have the opportunity to present at the Summit and share our achievements with the forwarding community while also introducing SeaRates digital logistics to new customers.

Ekaterina Komarova, Head of IT Sales, Stanislav Salamakha, Logistics Account Manager, and Mariia Slabenko, Head of DFA, spoke to a large audience of innovators and pioneers of the modern logistics market.


Thanks to Ekaterina Komarova, the audience found out about the variety of SeaRates IT tools for logistics, their strong points, and ways to meet most of the needs of businesses in diverse industries. The report thoroughly demonstrated the achievements of our specialists and advanced functionality in new developments.

Stanislav Salamakha reported on SeaRates' achievements in the freight services market and revealed the possibilities of simplifying logistics. Reliable financing and streamlined quotations for your business's trade operations are frequent requests that we are proud to handle. Optimized cargo transportation processes and management of the entire supply chain can already be implemented in your business without unnecessary delay.

In turn, Mariia Slabenko revealed the side of cooperation in the freight forwarding community, providing a full overview of the opportunities in the Digital Freight Alliance Membership Tiers for your company's prosperity.


DFA Team Impressions and Favorite Moments

Our representatives and speakers attended the Global Freight Summit again this year. The event proved to be an engaging experience, with many exceptional speakers and thought-provoking keynotes. The SeaRates/DFA team is happy to share the valuable thoughts and insights we gained from attending the Summit.



"I was delighted to contribute to and participate in the Global Freight Summit 2023. This year's GFS welcomed over 4,000 guests at the great venue, Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Networking, education, inspiration, recognition, treats, marketing, escapism - that's why people come to events, and that's how I would describe GFS 2023! Total hit! Absolutely amazing, meaningful event with smart people, interesting performances, and fun parties.

 I can confidently say that GFS is the best platform for our clients to build new relationships, gain knowledge and new experiences, and have a good time with the best companies in the industry. We are grateful to all our clients coming to GFS from all over the world and look forward to seeing them at the next conference!"

- Maria Salabenko, DFA Team Lead 


"I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the GFS2023 team, whom I deeply admire in the supply chain industry. The holding of such an exceptional, terrific, and stimulating GFS2023 was a remarkable conference indeed!

The insights I have gained from this one conference far exceed any other conference I have attended to date. Wonderful and well-presented! Where people exchange their ideas for promoting supply chain digitalization and discussing how to reduce carbon emissions.

Indeed! The GFS2023 conference ushers in more ideas for optimizing the supply chain by bringing better visibility across global challenges, vital for both streamlining the process and staying competitive in the market.

I'm so excited once more to participate in our GFS2024 together with visionaries in the supply chain industry."

 - Resty Santo, Sales Support of DP World



Moreover, Alexey Shatunov, Senior SeaRates General Manager at DP World, shared his impressions of the organization of the Global Freight Summit 2023 and the essential impact of this event in his post on LinkedIn. Getting to know the SeaRates team and joining upcoming events!


Bottom line and Concluding Words from Mariia Slabenko, DFA Team Lead 

The Global Freight Summit 2023 was a great gathering for transport and logistics professionals. The event showcased current achievements and set the stage for future innovations in global freight.

Our team found it engaging, with interesting speakers and valuable insights. We were also delighted to be part of the conference with our own presentations and product showcases.  Looking back on the lively discussions and networking, we're excited about the possibility of meeting again next year. The Global Freight Summit has become an important event for navigating the changing world of logistics, and we're looking forward to another year of learning and collaboration. Until then, we'll carry the energy of GFS 2023 with us into the future.



Finally, Mariia Slabenko would like to send a message to all longtime and new DFA members:

To all of our customers, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your participation in the Global Freight Summit. We were about 4000 industry professionals representing 2000+ companies from all over the world. Your presence at the event helped make it a huge success, and we're so grateful for your support. We believe that the insights shared and the connections made will greatly benefit our attendees, and we are excited to see the positive impact that it will have on our industry.

We look forward to seeing you next year at GFS 2024! Stay tuned for more details.