Global Freight Summit: Key Insights and Thoughts from DF Alliance

Global Freight Summit: Key Insights and Thoughts from DF Alliance


What is the Global Freight Summit 2022?

The Global Freight Summit is a global gathering of transport, logistics, and supply chain professionals. The Summit provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the most significant global freight trends and developments.

The event was hosted by DP World, which is a world leader in global supply chain solutions; specialising in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, maritime services, and free zones.

The Global Freight Summit features speakers with diverse backgrounds, industries, and areas of expertise from around the globe. The event provides guests with the opportunity to network with logistics and supply chain professionals and learn about the most recent innovations in freight management.

Headline speakers who participated in a series of keynote speeches and engaging panel-led discussions include Emirates Airlines, the United States Army, Leviton, Syncreon, and BIA Global Logistics, to name a few.

In this article, the DF Alliance team will provide some insights and thoughts on the Global Freight Summit hosted by DP World between November 13th and 16th, 2022.



What were some of our favourite moments from this year's event? 

This year, we were honored to be invited to attend the Global Freight Summit in Dubai. It was a very dynamic event with several outstanding speakers and insightful keynotes. Our DF Alliance team would gladly share the main thoughts and insights they have received by attending this summit.


The GFS was not just an event; it also symbolized that the world is now getting back to normal after the pandemic. It's incredible how the event was able to connect 65+ countries and over 1500 delegates. The Global Freight Summit had a huge impact and formed such a strong bond. 

Ma. Czeryna Montefalcon, Account Manager



As the Sales Team Leader at the Global Freight Summit, I was trying to identify gaps and weaknesses in the connections between DFA members, lines, and BCO in order to improve cooperation, logistics workflow, and support. The Global Freight Summit in Dubai in 2022 covered one of the most important imperfections in live communication within a network and created much closer relationships that led to more trustful cooperation, increasing the quality and number of common business transactions.

Live dialogue will never replace online business; it's still important and should play a significant role in our future.

​​Alla Kyrnychanska, Sales Team Leader



It was a great honor for me to attend such a large-scale event as the GFS. Hundreds of the most interesting and inspiring people shared their ideas, exchanged contacts, made plans, joked, and just gave each other a good mood right inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel. This conference broke the system of all business meetings; it showed that you can spend the whole day in one room and never feel bored or disinterested. Everything was organized at the highest level and made with love for the guests, starting with drinks and treats so that people always had the opportunity to quench their thirst or have a snack, and ending with fascinating interviews of famous people and amazing speeches by world business leaders. And if the topic discussed on the main stage did not resonate with someone's soul, he could always join the audience at another exhibition site, where purposeful and ambitious companies were excitingly presenting their products. Furthermore, every evening, with the aim of providing a great rest for all after different meetings and brainstorms, organizers invited everyone to the restaurant to have a delicious meal and just have a good time, which helps everyone be more refreshed and do more business the next day. Inspiration, impressions, useful contacts, and explosive ideas—that's what I took away from the Global Freight Summit 2022. Looking forward to the next one!

Yana Yakushe​va, Pricing manager



Conclusion and Summary from Mariia Slabenko, DFA Team Lead 

First, but not least! To help build connections between the brightest minds from the international supply chain community and discuss the main industry’s challenges faced over the last few years, DP World has hosted the first-ever Global Freight Summit from November 13–16, 2022, in Dubai.

The main idea is that after more than two years of having to do business and build relationships remotely, we know we can gain more insights and information by spending time in person. DP World’s Global Freight Summit brought all the key people in the industry together in one place to have these conversations.

It was a delightful experience for the Digital Freight Alliance, which was a big part of this event, and for our members to attend. As one of our members said, it was truly fascinating to see the number of people bringing forward solutions to digitize our trade in order to keep global supply chains agile. It is important to develop the global network and supply the brand community. And that is what we tried to implement at GFS in November.

Over 1,500 attendees came together to learn from the brightest minds in our industry and build connections to find solutions to the greatest supply chain challenges, now and in the future.

All the participants were able to network with industry leaders to share best practices, hear about the latest technology updates, and collaborate with peers on exciting business opportunities. Join for a series of one-on-one business meetings through the event’s "match-making" service, where our members were able to connect with the brightest minds in the freight forwarding community.

We already miss the time we had at GFS and look forward to the next one, which will be even better. We also hope to meet all our DFA members next year at GFS 2!