DFA Membership Growth Doubles to reach 5,000 members

DFA Membership Growth Doubles to reach 5,000 members


Last year was a great year for DFA as we added 2,102 new members to the online network, bringing the total membership to 5000+ since inception in 2020. 

This is a significant increase, representing an annual year-on-year doubling of their membership numbers. In addition, the premium membership numbers also experienced similar growth, showcasing the increased monetization of the platform. 

DFA is a trusted and verified platform, so 50% of our members having completed the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This level of scrutiny and security guarantees that members are legitimate, making the network even more appealing to potential new members. 


The rapid growth in membership can be attributed to several factors. 

1. Firstly, the value proposition of being a member of a global DP World-backed network, which provides access to a range of tools and resources. 

2. Secondly, the proactive selling efforts of the company and its global support team, who work hard to expand the network's installed base in key markets.

3. Thirdly, the company's work with alliance partners such as SME freight forwarding associations and technology partners, which helps to extend the capability of the platform.


The DFA network has experienced tremendous growth over the past year and reaching the 5,000-member milestone proves it continues to be a valuable resource for both new and existing members. 


Mariia Slabenko, Team Lead at Digital Freight Alliance, said: “Since being founded in 2020, during the height of the pandemic which significantly strained the shipping industry, the Digital Freight Alliance has become the third largest non-exclusive network in the world. We appreciate each new member that joins our network, and we are grateful for our founding members who continue to work with us and build the Alliance. Our strength is in our members both new and old, and we celebrate this milestone of 5,000 members with great pride.”


Stefan Rogovskiy, COO of SeaRates, said: “SeaRates has grown successfully thanks to the freight forwarding community since 2005. We have worked with freight forwarders and called them "Partners", "Agents" and informally - Digital Agent Network- but only once DP World created a space for this network to thrive in, have we been able to see the network organically grow beyond what we thought possible. The DFA’s 5000 members milestone for us is an important jubilee, ensuring that customers will have more rates and services, and our members will have more bookings.”