Digital Freight Alliance Premium Member: Land Star Shipping

Digital Freight Alliance Premium Member: Land Star Shipping


The Digital Freight Alliance (DFA) came into existence in early 2020, connecting freight forwarders worldwide while providing the best online tools to enhance business activity. We are happy to introduce you to Land Star Shipping, a first-class freight forwarder from Pakistan and one of our premium members.


Introduction to Land Star Shipping



Land Star Shipping, which is based in Pakistan, is a well-known company in the business of exporting and importing goods by air and sea. Best of all, they can provide you with the skilled handling services of their experienced staff, no matter what the goods are. They have recently established business relationships all over the world and thus wish to establish long-term business relationships with prominent DFA partners. Ensure that they can provide you with swift and effective service and rates while doing business and will keep trying to meet your needs. 

Over 10 years of combined experience in the industry has given Land Star Shipping complete mastery of freight handling techniques, whether by Air, Ocean, or Land. Their automated cargo tracking system, warehousing facilities, and packing services add significant value to their offerings. They understand the transportation needs of their customers, allowing them to keep clients always informed regarding the status of their shipments. Land Star Shipping and its worldwide partners consistently strive to provide the best service, oriented towards giving their clients a competitive edge.

Land Star Shipping has, over the years, developed a strong and reliable network of agents around the world, who have proven to deliver the same quality of service that Land Star Shipping demands of itself. Whether it is import or export, they and their overseas connections always prioritize the advantage of their clients and continuously seek ways to add value to their clients' businesses.

As a member of the Direct Freight Alliance (DFA), Land Star Shipping benefits greatly from the extensive network and collaborative opportunities that the alliance provides. The DFA membership has enhanced their ability to offer reliable and efficient freight services by leveraging the collective expertise and resources of industry leaders within the alliance.

Through DFA, Land Star Shipping has access to a vast pool of knowledge, innovative practices, and the latest technological advancements in freight handling and logistics. This membership not only strengthens their global reach but also ensures that they stay at the forefront of industry trends and standards.

Land Star Shipping values the DFA membership as it aligns perfectly with their commitment to providing top-notch service. The collaboration with other DFA members allows them to offer competitive pricing, improved service reliability, and comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. Overall, the DFA membership has been instrumental in enhancing their service quality and customer satisfaction.


DF Alliance & Land Star Shipping

Land Star Shipping is delighted to be part of and known as a premium member of DFA since the very beginning of 2022. This is a great chance for Land Star Shipping to grow its global logistics services around the world.

They want to contribute to the success of DFA and make sure they are providing their best to their network in order to have long-term success and collaboration together.


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