DFA X Breakbulk Europe 2024: Conference Announcing

DFA X Breakbulk Europe 2024: Conference Announcing


The Digital Freight Alliance team is delighted to announce our attendance at Breakbulk Europe 2024. The fascinating event will take place May 21-23 at the Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We are proud to take part in the global impact of this event, which extends to innovative approaches to modern logistics enhanced freight forwarding services worldwide. This year, the conference is dedicated to trends in innovations, which are the main flows in the Digital Freight Alliance's logistics practices and IT solutions as well. 


We appreciate the chance to meet you, our cherished DFA Members and partners, to discuss and share our wealth of industry experience and grow together.

Discover the agenda

Among the speakers at the event are representatives of reliable freight forwarders, large logistics providers, and many other valuable guests ready to share their experience in digitalized logistics. The current challenges for the freight and supply chain industry will be the red line between this year's topics for discussion at the event, including:


• economic cycles and geopolitical events' impact on supply chain
• environmental trends and concerns
• designing and implementing of insurance strategies 
• methods to achieve logistics services with zero delays
• innovative solutions in break bulk
• air shipping of heavy and bulky cargo
• low-cost and point-to-point airship solution
• end-to-end logistics for the sake of industry sustainability
• digital port call planning
• overcoming issues of space and congestion in the port 
• AI & automation in shipping
• digitalization in project cargo shipping
• and other meaningful insights


The Breakbulk Europe 2024 event consists of presentations during the whole conference agenda, as well as Education Day, and BGSN lounge for wider networking.

For more details, visit the Breakbulk Europe 2024 website.



Take advantage of the occasion to learn about the newest freight forwarding industry trends and meet the Digital Freight Alliance team.

Meet our attendees at the Breakbulk Europe 2024 conference:

Mariia Slabenko
Liliia Penu
Hameed Fayaz

Find our DP World booth 2A50-B51 to explore our exhibitions live. We would love to talk to you about how we can assist you with your business needs to improve logistics and trading.

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We look forward to meeting you at the Rotterdam Ahoy at the Breakbulk Europe 2024 conference to provide you with the best and most valuable insights for the freight forwarding industry. The Digital Freight Alliance is eager to meet your needs and provide you with decisions to solve issues related to your daily operations, achieving the highest profit from our network for you.


Come meet the DFA team at the nearest conference and learn from our experience. Let us know about your intentions to meet with us. Our team will be happy to share useful insights with you and inspire an atmosphere of business growth.


Contact us at sales@df-alliance.com for more information about conferences with the DF Alliance.

Striving to see you in Rotterdam in May!