Asia Logistics Forum 2024 | Conference Details - DF Alliance

Asia Logistics Forum 2024 | Conference Details - DF Alliance


The Digital Freight Alliance team is delighted to announce our attendance at Asia Logistics Forum 2024. The fascinating event will take place June 27 at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are pleased and proud to be a part of the Forum, which brings together innovations and inspiring experts in one place. This year, we will join the in-depth discussion of the development of the logistics industry and freight forwarding, which will help to improve the areas of profitability of the global supply chain.

We are happy to have met you, our important DFA Members and partners, to talk and share our many years of industry knowledge and learn together.

Discover the agenda

Over 200 conference participants are representatives of reliable freight forwarders, large logistics providers, and many other valuable guests who are ready to share their experience in the field of digitalized logistics. 

Moreover,  Ayaz Maqbool, Group Vice President Digital Products Sales at DP World, will represent the DFA team as a speaker at the conference with a valuable report on "Digital Transformation in Logistics and Supply Chain". Find the introductions on the Asia Logistics Forum's LinkedIn post.

Opportunities for logistics and freight forwarding will be the red line between topics for discussion at this year's event, including:

  • Opportunities for the Asian Maritime Hub
  • Air transportation trends
  • Mobility as a key aspect of the future supply chain
  • Recap of 3rd Party Logistics and Way Forward
  • Artificial Intelligence capabilities

The Asia Logistics Forum 2024 event is full of in-person networking and creative activities, presentations during the whole conference agenda, and industry outlooks.

For more details,  visit the Asia Logistics Forum 2024 website.



Come and learn about the latest trends in freight forwarding and meet the Digital Freight Alliance team at this event.

Meet our attendees at the Asia Logistics Forum 2024 conference:

Ayaz Maqbool
Vivek Balakrishnan


We would love to talk to you about how we can assist you with your business needs to improve logistics and trading.


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We look forward to meeting you at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel at the Asia Logistics Forum 2024 conference to give you the most helpful and important information for the shipping industry. The Digital Freight Alliance is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions to resolve supply chain challenges and enhance your revenue.

Don't miss the chance to engage with the DFA team at the nearest conference. You can learn from what we have done. Please tell us if you want to meet with us. Our team is looking forward to sharing helpful information with you and creating a positive environment for business growth.

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Striving to see you in Sri Lanka in June!