DFA Benefits: SeaRates Container Tracking

DFA Benefits: SeaRates Container Tracking


In today's fast-paced world of global trade, the ability to track containers in real time is not just a luxury — it's a necessity. With the rise of international shipping and the increasing demand for timely deliveries, businesses and consumers alike need a reliable way to monitor the whereabouts of their shipments. This is where the Container Tracking tool comes into play, offering a host of benefits such as increased transparency, reduced financial risks, and optimized logistics operations.


SeaRates Container Tracking Tool Overview

SeaRates Container Tracking tool is known as a leading solution for shipment progress observation. It is designed to provide users with top-level service, allowing for global outreach and shipment tracking. SeaRates service ensures that users have full visibility and up-to-date statistics for their freight shipments. The service is unique in its ability to collect information from more than 160 global shipping lines simultaneously, making it simple but powerful for all tracking needs. There are three options available to use the Container Tracking tool: 

• Web version on SeaRates site.

• Web-integrated version of Container Tracking.

• API integration.


Container Tracking by SeaRates utilizes the Automatic Identification System (AIS), official shipping line APIs, and many other sources for shipment detailed tracking. AIS, it’s an effective system that automatically identifies vessels and provides real-time data on their movements. SeaRates Container Tracking system collects this data and adds other important information, such as carrying vessel type, name, route information, container type, destination, and estimated time of arrival.



How to Use Container Tracking

Container tracking with the SeaRates tool is not only efficient but also user-friendly. It makes the process both easy and intuitive for users with any logistics needs. Whether they are experienced logistics professionals or new to the world of shipping, this system is designed to provide users with the information they need in the most accessible way. Here's how you can provide Container Tracking for customers using the SeaRates service:

1. Pass the KYC verification and become a Premium member of DFA.

2. Place the Container Tracking tool on your website using iFrame.

3. Your customers will be able to receive detailed route information, current container location, related events, and estimated time of arrival (ETA) by inputting the container number. 


The service features an auto-detect option. Users only need to input the container numbers, and the system will automatically identify the relevant carriers and shipping companies. The Container Tracking Tool provides an interactive map that displays detailed real-time route data, allowing users to manage and monitor their shipments with ease.



For each container, detailed information about its current status is provided. Within a few clicks, users can check out the essential information, such as the ports of loading and discharge (POL and POD), relevant events like the actual date of departure (ATD), the actual date of arrival (ATA), or the estimated date of arrival (ETA).


Web Integration for Premium Members

Premium members of DFA are offered the benefit of Container Tracking web integration. The Premium Package comes with the benefit of tracking a maximum of 300 unique containers monthly. This integration allows businesses to embed the SeaRates tracking tool directly into their websites, offering their customers a seamless tracking experience. 

You can get the code and integrate it into your website on your own, or request the assistance of the SeaRates IT department. 


API Integration

For businesses looking to streamline their operations further, SeaRates offers advanced API integration. This allows for the tracking tool's functionality to be integrated into various systems such as TMS, ERP, and CRM. The API provides all the necessary information regarding the container and its position. You can use it to create your own web application or even your own tracking map. Using the Container Tracking API, you’ll get access to the following data: 

• Current container location;

• Waypoints Descriptions;

• Route Description;

• Vessel info;

• Loading, Transshipment, and Discharge ports with UNLOCODE;

• Loading, Transshipment, and Discharge dates or ETA;

• Standardized list of events;

• IMO (a unique identifier for ships).



There is detailed and easy-to-understand documentation for the API, so you can start development within minutes. All the necessary information about the Tracking System API can be found here and at the SeaRates Developer Portal. Please note, that access to the Container Tracking API is not included in the Premium Package. Contact us to get further information about prices and terms of use. 



Container Tracking is an essential aspect of modern trade and logistics. Provide your customers with post-sale support and make your freight forwarding services more transparent and trustworthy.  Whether you're working with a small business owner or a large corporation, providing clients with a reliable Container Tracking tool can make a difference. Join the DFA daily growing community and get an advantage from this service and many other benefits!