Catch all the Benefits: Extra Details on the DFA Membership

Catch all the Benefits: Extra Details on the DFA Membership


The Digital Freight Alliance is committed to providing you with the best logistics experience possible in today's industry. As part of our comprehensive approach, we offer various opportunities for our valued DFA Members. Let's dive into additional scaling possibilities for freight forwarders. What steps can you take to improve your company's brand?


Brand Quality & Reliability

Let's begin by pointing out the quality of services you receive in the Digital Freight Alliance community. We successfully control all areas of partnership between freight forwarders, guaranteeing you transparency of trade with reliable parties and sustainable development of the supply chain.
Quality control of logistics services is essential for fair cooperation.


The DFA team consists of specialists who are dedicated to assisting businesses to develop in a multifaceted way. After all, the combination of versatility and uniqueness of your services makes you an excellent choice for shippers. Ask our Support Team any questions about serving your customers and providing the best logistics solutions or specialized programs for your business.



Verified Membership Certificate and Badge

One of the pleasant bonuses of Digital Freight Alliance membership is the "Member Certificate", which you can get by following these steps:
· Successful completion of the KYC form with your company;
· Gaining access to the Directory;
· Downloading the "Digital Freight Alliance Member Certificate".
The certificate is provided within the framework of the developed DFA identity system. Certificates of this specification are provided to companies to ensure the brand strategy of members, copyright security, identification, and access to the advanced features of the forwarding community.


Both the electronic version of the Certificate placed on your company's website and the physical version adorning your offices are valid for your accreditation.
You can order the original Certificate by emailing us at at any time.


Dedicated account manager

Finally, personal support is a must for valued Digital Freight Alliance Members. The ability to ask any question about the Alliance's capabilities is quick to implement - just one message away. However, having solved all the technical issues, such as tools’ integration or financial programs, we can move on to the business side of the feature.


Increase your sales and scale your trade:

The DFA Account Manager's mission is to increase your commercial potential and sales volume once you've asked for it. By maintaining the SeaRates, AirRates, and LandRates platforms, your personal Account Manager gathers and generates leads for further processing and contracting with you.
Daily, it goes on with every shipper's requests for cargo delivery from any point in the world. It is up to your company to offer competitive services for successful cooperation.
You can find our Support Team on any of the following contact forms Digital Freight Alliance, SeaRates, AirRates, or LandRates.


To Conclude

Once you're on the path to growing your logistics business, it's important to have meaningful solutions for trade and supply chain sustainability. In addition, it is necessary to utilize all possible resources to increase marketability. Expanding the audience and impact of your services is a reward for your persistent work and readiness to scale.
To supplement your logistics business with unique solutions, please contact our team at