Breakbulk Europe 2024: Rotterdam Conference Summary

Breakbulk Europe 2024: Rotterdam Conference Summary


Breakbulk Europe 2024 took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on May 21-23. The SeaRates team is participating in this year's sustainable mobility topic as part of a significant event.

Our team had a valuable opportunity to network with global market opinion leaders at the conference.


Conference insights

The conference was held at the Rotterdam Ahoy exhibition center. The show was attended by more than 11,000 industry professionals and representatives of European businesses and innovators in Rotterdam.

Bringing industry influencers, entrepreneurs, and innovators together to showcase the latest trends and strengthen a group of companies committed to working together in suitability logistics.


Source: Rotterdam Ahoy


Breakbulk Europe 2024 became the ideal forum for those desiring new opportunities in international freight forwarding. With an impressive lineup of exhibitors and an array of sectors on display, it was an exciting and informative event.

The central theme of this exhibition was the powerful flow and impact of innovation on global digital logistics and freight forwarding. Attendees who are actively engaged will be showcased, demonstrating their prowess and innovation. Exhibitors had a chance to showcase achievements and opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Environmental trends, green logistics technology, and compliance concerns
  • Efficient insurance and related strategies concerns
  • Comprehensive digitalization and automation of cargo shipping, AI-powered tools in logistics, and planning methods
  • Tracking and scheduling innovations
  • End-to-end logistics methods and air shipping issues and trends
  • and much more covers topics

It is impressive how the Breakbulk Europe 2024 conference attracts all kinds of different resources for the innovative development of freight forwarding. The conference was marked by lively discussions of opportunities, trends, challenges, and unique solutions for the industry. Such a collective approach to improving the industry provides forward-looking prospects for businesses of all types and sizes.

At the conference, the Digital Freight Alliance team presented innovative approaches as part of daily tricks and necessities for companies worldwide. We help make trade between big companies better and provide good logistics and financing solutions. This teamwork helps businesses all over the world connect and grow in the digital age.