August 2021 Development Update - Digital Freight Alliance

August 2021 Development Update - Digital Freight Alliance


From now on, we will announce all of our new tool updates and releases here so you can stay in the loop on what's new!

To make sure you're getting as much value out of our product as possible, we will be announcing all new product updates and releases—including new features, bug fixes, etc.— for you to review at your convenience.


Membership Tiers



If you are a free DF Alliance member, you have the opportunity to increase your tier. In your Virtual Office, you can see the benefits of free and premium memberships and choose the plan that suits you.


Digital Freight Alliance 2.0



We have updated our website, powered by React.js. You will now be able to see new sections, benefits, and updated information improving your overall experience of using our platform quickly and easily!


Digital Freight Alliance Blog



We've added a Blog where you can check out our members' success stories or find out about the latest industry news.


Bug tracking system



We will now be able to track errors that users have in real-time and fix them in just a few seconds. This is done to ensure that users do not have any problems whilst using our site.


Growth of the Digital Freight Alliance



We're pleased to welcome 47 new members to the Digital Freight Alliance. The DF Alliance now includes 1,300 members in 197 countries.

DF Alliance members have access to a global freight forwarding network that allows them to expand opportunities for their business and meet freight partners from all over the world.

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.