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The Digital Freight Alliance, together with DP World, guarantees a full support framework to ensure a seamless workflow for logistics operations around the world. We have three divisions that work in parallel to help you with your daily needs:


Account Manager

Coordinates with each member regarding all questions relating to sales, shipping leads, and bookings. The account manager also helps for promoting each member’s service to the end-customer and acts as a sales manager for each member’s company.


Rates Manager

Responsible for maintaining shipping rates in the system. Each DFA Members can send rates in any form to our Rates Manager. Your rates will be processed by the Rates Manager and it will appear on the site within 24 hours.


Call Center

Call, email or live messenger support are working for you around the clock. If you have any questions, our support team will be able to help and support you in any matter.

Also, we have full teams of IT, marketing, graphic design, accounting, event planning - all dedicated to ensuring DFA members with comprehensive support for their business.

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To apply for membership, you should provide us:

  • - Filled KYC form (download here)

  • - Bank reference on your bank's letterhead (download here or use your own)

  • - Signed Purchase Order (download here)


Applications with online payments are normally processed in high priority during 12 hours.

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